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Victorian clipart two fashionable womenI have a weakness for old Victorian clipart: Victorian illustrations of all kinds like Victorian drawings of animals, old vehicles, Victorian silhouettes and a maybe especially clipart of Victorian ladies with their wonderful dresses.

Here on this page I have collected the kind of Victorian pictures I love the most.
I have restored most of them and made them larger, and now you can have a look at them and see if any of these free Victorian graphics could be fun to use.

I don't know if my weakness for both Victorian and Vintage pictures and drawings has something to do with there being a kind of innocence about them.
I guess that feeling of innocence might only be there because these drawings and illustrations are from the past, but anyway - I like them.

One of the many ways I have used these drawings has been using the for scrapworks I make on the computer.
Sometimes I color the drawings, sometimes I use them together with black and white illustrations.

To see the rules for using my material and how to find and save the best version, please go to Homepage and read more about that.
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If you are into Steam Punk and the Victorian era, this is absolutely the right page for you!

       Victorian border pointing hands

Ladies Victorian style:

I simply love these wonderful Victorian clip art of ladies and girls wearing the latest Victorian fashion.

I have saved them in the PNG format, which means they come with a transparent background, and you can place them on any kind of background.
Thus they will be perfect for you if you are making some Victorian scrapworks.


 As this clipart is made with transparent background, I have had to make them smaller to be able to place them here on this website.

Still, they are a bit larger than you see them here, as most of my clipart, so click the illustration you like to open the larger version in a new tab. This is the version you get when you use the download button.

      Victorian border pointing hands


When and what was the Victorian Era?

I think most of us use the concepts ”Victorian” and ”Vintage” a bit random, at least I and most of the people I know do that.

Making these pages with Victorian clipart, Victorian frames and other Victorian subject, as well as having a page with Vintage Clipart, has forced me to take it a bit more serious, and actually it is quite interesting.

So here it is:
”Victorian” describes the time from 1837 to 1901, the period where Queen Victoria ruled Great Britain.

"Vintage" is a definition that varies in period depending what kind of product you describe. But it will, for cars, be used on cars from the start of the 20th century, and certainly from 1919 - 1930. For clothing it will be used for genuine clothing from 1920 until 20 years from now, this meaning approx. 1990. Normally it will be used for clothing from 1920 to 1970.
But - as the normal meaning of the two periods actually overlap, I will do that now and again.

The Victorian era  was a period with many changes, maybe first of all because of the second industrial revolution in 1870 – 1914.

At the start of the Victorian period the land traffic was totally dominated by horse wagons of all kinds, as you can see on the drawings below here.
All personal and trade traffic was made by horse carriages and wagons, and the traffic at sea was dominated by ships with sails.

In the second industrial revolution came a flowering of new and earlier technology like telegraph, railway networks, gas and water supply, electrical power and telephones.

The first automobile was patented in 1896 by Karl Benz, and Henry Ford built his first car in 1896, so the automobile is present in the late end of the Victorian era, but only barely.

The first sea-going iron steamboat was built in 1820, and in 1843 was built the first ”modern” ship, built of metal rather than wood, and powered mainly by a steam engine and propeller, instead of by sails, wind and oars. 

        Victorian border pointing hands

Free Victorian Graphics of Vehicles; Cars, Ships and Trains.


There is no doubt, looking at the picture above, that the steam locomotives caused both excitement and fear in the beginning.

steam train clipart 1873 
locomotive Victorian Era 

steam boat Victorian vehicle
scene from Victorian train station steam locomotive
sail ship ornament victorian clipart sail ship
Victorian ice carriage 
Ice horse carriage 
horse drawn hearse 
coal wagon 
Two free Victorian graphics with first a horse car with passengers, later a trolley car driven by electricity. 
horse car with passengers 
trolley car illustration 
paddle steamer Victorian age 
Antique drawing Ocean steamer  


         Victorian border pointing hands

Victorian Clipart of Animals

The Victorian illustrations of animals will mostly be drawings of farm animals as those were important to the whole rural life.

If not illustrations of cows and hen, then it could be drawings of trotters or galloping horses, and sometimes even drawings of strange creatures like giant octopi or tigers, animals only few people had actually seen.

Most of the drawings here are prints, and they come with the white background.

A couple of these Victorian animal illustrations are made as cut outs from paintings from the Victorian era, and they are with a transparent background, like the clip art of the fashionable ladies above.

In this way you can use them on top of colored backgrounds or for making scrapworks with Victorian flower ornaments and landscapes.



Bull's head drawling sketch of bull's head black white



raccoon illustration old crowing rooser drawing
Victorian animal illustratino of turkey bird stag drawing 
drawing of rooster  

Here comes some free Victorian clip art of horses.
You will find a lot more old horse drawings on the main page for Antique clip art.

       Victorian border pointing hands

Victorian Clipart of Hands

These old clipart of pointing hands, writing hands and so on are typical for Victorian illustrations.

pointing hand to the left pointing hand right
black pointing hand right black pointing hand left
vintage pointing hand vintage pointing hand right
writing hand with pen victorian hand clipart
victorian illustration of writing hand free Victorian graphics of hand
free Victorian graphics writing hand hand writing and drawing
Victorian handshake illustration drawing of handshake clipart
handshake man woman illustration human hand clip art

            Victorian border pointing hands

In addition to these free Victorian graphics of hands, here comes some drawings of eyes and other Victorian clipart:

Various Victorian Clipart:

  Victorian picture of revolver 

                                 Victorian clip art with flowers angels


         Victorian border pointing hands

There will be more various Victorian graphics later, but now I want to end this page with a wonderful Victorian Clip art you can use for scrapworks or for an invitation for a picnic:

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