Skull Clip Art

Why would you need a skull clip art?
As you will see below, there can be lots of reasons why!

Oh, there are so many good reasons :-)
If you are having a pirate birthday party, you might need skull pictures for invitations, place cards, decorations, as well as for post in the treasure hunt.

For Halloween it is almost a must with a skull drawing somewhere in the decoration.

Of course you can buy or find skull images in shops or on the internet, but why not try one of these strange skulls with eyes, or use one of the clip art here to make a skull picture in a drawing program, making it just as you like it for what ever purpose you might have?

To use my clip art, take a look at Homepage for How and about the rules for using my material.

Human Skull Clip Art:

skull images sideways
head skull with blue eyes head skull and part skeleton
dark skull with yellow eyes cool skull with green eyes
skull clip art human skull skull images human skull
head skull with crown human head skull clipart
skull picture Funny skull picture with eyes
skull-images-1 skull clip art with eyes

You can read a lot about skulls here on Wikipedia.

Here are evil skulls who scowls beneath a captain hat.

There are flaming skulls and in addition to that you will find skulls from different animals, like a cow skull and a skull from a sea turtle.

As you can see, I have used some of the same skulls for evil skulls and flaming skulls, just adding flames, changing the skulls a little, adding a crown or other things.

You can do the same in a drawing program, if you want to make a special skull picture for your special idea.

The next skull clip art are the flaming skulls.
I think that you can find a lot of drawings of burning skulls on pages with tattoos, here they are a bit different, with some of the pictures of real human skulls, where I have added colored flames.


Flaming Skulls:


Flaming skulls 1 skull on fire clip art
One of the flaming skulls burning skull with ruby eyes

For Halloween and other scary occasions, evil skulls with eyes, hoods and crowns are just the thing!

Evil Skulls:

evil skulls with eyes dark evil skull drawing
 pirate captain skull pirate skull with red bandana
cool skull skeleton evil skull clip art
skull with ruby eyes evil skull with crown

      border with pirate skulls

The next skull clip art, skull drawings, are mostly older drawings I have found that are public domain, but I think I have to have these old drawings here as well.

The ones with a scull and a crossbone are related to the old gold miner stories, where they were drawn to show danger in certain mineshafts.

They are also used in connection with pirates, and Western towns, as it is today a universal symbol for danger, poison, no entrance and so on.

If you want a skull and crossbone more friendly for kids, take a look at this page, where you find lots of funny drawings of pirate-stuff.

         border skulls and barbed wire

Drawings of Skulls:

skull and crossbone human skull
frontal skull drawing human head skull drawing
skull of gunfighter skull and crossbone drawing
skull silhouette with top hat skull and barbed wire clipart


         border with skull profiles

     border animal skulls and crossbones

       separator with skulls and butterflies

      border with piles of skulls

Animal Skull Images:

hipppopotamus skull clip art animal skull clip art
open shar jaws sea turtle skull
skull fo hippo carnivore skull
cow skull in desert cow skull clip art
animal skull skull of predator
skull of sea turtle  

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          border with piles of skulls


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