Free Printable Mazes

Free printable mazes are great for both adults and kids.

Right now, when it is a problem to go out, or meat others,  because of the Covid 19, solving mazes and maybe coloring pages can be really nice to do anytime when you need to relax.

Most of the mazes here on this page will be mazes for kids, both mazes for preschoolers, maze for kindergarten and so on. And a lot of these will be coloring pages as well.

You can go to my page Homepage to read more about the rules for using my clipart and other kinds of material.

As you will know, if you visit my website from time to time, there is a steady stream of new clipart all the time, so even if you have printed and tried all the mazes you see now, take a look later to find new maze puzzles.

Printable Mazes


I am making these mazes myself, which means I have to learn by doing it, so I don't hope I make mistakes.

You will also find some mazes on the page Groundhog Day printables and Thanksgiving Mazes

I normally can try out my different ideas on my grandchildren, but right now it is a bit difficult (also my printer doesn't work ;-))

So I have tried to make mazes for kids of different ages, but take a look at all of them, and find the ones you think will be best for the kids you want to use them.

I have made all these mazes for kids in preschool and kindergarten, and some of the mazes for older kids, with drawings. In this way they can be used both as mazes and coloring pages.

Printable Mazes for Kids



I have tried these mazes on my note mobile phone, and it works, but not very well,
I guess it might work better on a tablet, and in that way you won't have to print the mazes.

If you would like to make your own mazes, here are a couple of videos that will help you make them:
video 1
video 2

Maze for Kindergarten



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