Star Clipart

148 free star clipart, different forms, different colors, and even some cartoon stars :-)
All these stars are saved in PNG-format, which means the have transparent background, not the white you see here.

This make it possible for you to place any of these stars on a colored background, and on a picture.

All these stars are not public domain or copyright free, but very close:

1. You can use these clipart stars for free, as many as you like and for whatever you like, as long as it is for your own personal use.

2. You can use up to 3 of these star drawings for your website, for logos, books - the only exception is if you want to use it for a clip art site.
If you would like to use more, please contact me.

3. You are not allowed to use my clip art on website galleries and sites competing with,

Different Free Star Clipart:

Here you see the 17 different kinds op star drawings, and below you will find them in lots of different colors.

Choose the one you would like to use, and see if there maybe is a color in the same shape you would like too.

yellow star clipart red star icon
light blue star flying with smaller stars

For saving and printing these stars:

- Right click the picture you like, and it will open it up in a new tab, real size (you can always make it smaller if you like)
- Click the download button here to save it on your computer. What you save is the large version.

Free Star Clipart:


christmas star

The Most Used Star:



Simple 5-pointed Stars:


Faceted Stars in Different Colors:



Cartoon Stars with Arms and Legs:


 Funny and Cute Cartoon Stars:



Flying Cartoon Star Clipart:


Flying Cartoon Stars with Comet Tail of Stars

cute comet  pink comet clipart 
comet clipart orange star with smaller stars  green flying cute star 
Light blue comet flying  purple comet 
Light green comet   


Clipart of Swirling Stars:



Stars with Star Pattern



Framed Star Drawings:



Clipart Stars and Rays:



Stars inside Stars



Stars with Rays

clipart stars on stars  Yellow star on red stars 


Rounded Stars


Star Icons

yellow star icon  blue star icon 
green star icon  pink star icon 
orange star icon  black grey star icon 
purple star icon   

Double Faceted Free Star Clip Art


Radial 8-pointed Stars

radial star clipart
red radial star 8-pointed
star graphic
multicolored star clipart star image
yellow 8-pointed star clipart  



étoile shape 1  etoile 2
étoile red Etoile red pink

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