Vegetables Clipart

vegetables clipart mixed vegetables

Different vegetables clipart - vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, carrots - you name it!

Almost all of these vegetable images will be made in PNG format, which means they come with a transparent background.
In this way you can place the clip art on different backgrounds, as well as combine them in any way you choose.

Some of these vegetables images will be drawings or made on the computer, some will be cut-outs from photos.

You can read about the rules for using my clipart on Homepage, but as long as you only use it for your own personal use, then you can use as many of these vegetable pictures you like.

Vegetables Images

All these first vegetable clipart will be of different kinds of vegetables, below you will find clipart of specific vegetables as well as fruit clip art and cartoon vegetables. 


banana peppers clipart 

carrot border

As you can see on the vegetables clipart above and below with many different vegetables like broccoli, peas, eggplants and tomatoes, you can combine the vegetable images on this page in numerous ways, because they come with a transparent background.

You can also make frames and borders with different kinds of vegetables if you can work with a drawing program like Photoshop or one of the free drawing programs like MyPaínt and GIMP.

Tomato Clip Art


fresh tomatoes clipart

You can use all these vegetable images for illustrations on invitations, for your website if you are into cooking, for classroom clipart and I guess a lot more.

Cucumber Clip Art


single cucumber clipart 

cucumber border

Eggplant Clipart

Eggplant clipart 

eggplant border

Carrot Clipart


carrot border clipart

More Vegetables Clipart

Brussel sprouts clipart 
Cauliflower cut-out clipart PNG 

vegetables border

Cartoon Vegetables


Cute tomato clipart PNG Tomato clipart PNG
cartoon tomato clipart tomato clipart
Green pepper cartoon face PNG         Cartoon eggplant PNG
green pepper cartoon face cartoon eggplant
Cartoon tomato with hands PNG Potato head with hand PNG
cartoon tomato with hands potato head with hand
Eggplant cartoon drawing PNG  Cartoon carrot PNG 
eggplant cartoon drawing  cartoon carrot clipart 
Victorian eggplant cartoon PNG   
victorian eggplant cartoon head   

vegetables border

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