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On this page, Female Silhouette, you will find a lot of really great silhouettes of woman.

Women dressed for work, woman dressed for party, female bodies of different sizes.

You can use all these silhouette drawings for free, as long a you follow the two very simple rules you can find on my Homepage.

My female silhouette section contains only images of women, something else I find is sadly lacking in other clip art collections on the Internet.

Here you will find a good variety of women silhouette images, including clothed and unclothed and a variety of poses and positions.

Crafting, whatever it is that you are making, is very relaxing and the feeling of achievement when what you are making is finished is hard to beat.

I hope you will find what you are looking for, if not, please visit some of the other pages on this site with human silhouettes. You will find an overview of all the pages with silhouettes on the main page Silhouette Clipart.

Woman Silhouette:



Scrapbook Pages

Although scrap booking has been popular in America for the last ten years or so, it has really started to take off all over the world now.

The images on this page are particularly useful if you are looking for clip art suitable for your own scrapbook.
Maybe you are creating a work page and are looking for clip art that depicts a female dressed for work.
Or maybe you are creating a page about you going to a party or for a night on the town.
The silhouette images on this page include women in party and business dress, ideal for scrapbook pages about work and play.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for something simple to go on a page about you, there are a selection of simple woman silhouette graphics that will great in your scrapbook or memory album.
Of course, my whole site consists of clip art and graphics that will be useful for scrap booking. Take a look around and see if there is anything else that catches your eye.

Here comes a couple of female silhouettes from a fitness situation:

A silhouette of a pregnant woman with an umbrella and a silhouette of a kind of pin up girl, both in PNG.
pregnant woman with umbrella  silhouette of pin up girl 

More Silhouettes of Women:

female silhouette standing woman black Black white silhouettes standing woman      black outline woman silhouette
         Silhouette of woman outline female silhouette black with outline       Black silhouette female with outline
          Silhouette of standing woman body      Black silhouette with white outline woman             female outline standing woman
           Black female silhouette with short hair        Silhouette of woman with long hair                female silhouette woman long hair outline


***z-2016-ADSENSE-skysc raper-right.shtml***Whether you are promoting a women's group or organization or simply trying to keep on top of a blog, ensuring a website is attractive on the reader's eye is a huge part of the website's overall success.

My female silhouette images look great on websites and because of the choice available, there should be something for everyone – no matter what your website is for or about.

For example, a simple blog diary depicting your day to day goings on can be spruced up with some of silhouettes of women dressed up. If you are looking to promote something more official, maybe a charity open day or a bingo night, your website will probably benefit from one of the more simpler silhouette images.

All of my silhouette images on this page, as well as the other pages have been designed to print out at optimum quality. This quality is not lost when transferred onto a website or blog. However, take extra care when adjusting the size of the images, as going too big can distort the image and lower the quality of the end result.

Even more Female Silhouettes:


Woman silhouette black  Outline female Chubby woman silhouette
          black silhouette of woman standing         female silhouette outline              chubby woman silhouettes
       Silhouette of chubby woman and outline Outline chubby pretty woman          Pretty chubby woman silhouette


Maybe you are looking for something special to give to a loved one or maybe you want to say thank you to several of your female friends.

Whatever it is, you can use the silhouettes of women on this page to make female-orientated notebooks.
Simply buy as many blank notebooks as you need. They don't have to be expensive, but it will improve the end result if you purchase notebooks that have a hard cover.
Choose your favorite female silhouette images, and cover the notebooks with them.
Once you have covered the notebook, you can either leave it as it is or laminate each cover to give it some strength.

This idea also works for diaries, which can be a nice gift between girlfriends at Christmas or birthdays. 

Printing Off Your Work

Before you print off anything, I always recommend using print preview to get a good idea of exactly what your printout is going to look like.

This will allow you to make any necessary changes, without wasting card or paper.
I also recommend you use card that is of a relatively good quality, although I would avoid hammered and threaded card as this will distort the end result.

You should make sure the card is thin enough for your printer to print at its usual speed, card that is too thick can cause the printer to run slower resulting in unfinished printing.

Public Domain Female Silhouette

I have collected, changed and sometimes repaired silhouettes of women found on the internet.

They are all public domain, which means you can use them as you like. Many of them are found on the site http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/

They will all be saved in the format PNG, which means that they come with transparent background and can be used on top of other drawings.
They are larger than the pictures you see here, right click the silhouette and see it in a new tab.
line of woman in black silhouette of woman shopping girl with shopping bags silhouette
woman with purse silhouette black grey black silhouette of woman standing silhouette of woman in short dress
woman with large hat silhouette Vintage silhouette of woman walking woman with mirror silhouette vintage
woman reading newspaper silhouette 1940-ish woman silhouette silhouette of celebrating woman
business female silhouette Casually standing woman silhouette Silhouette of woman


A Lady Collage

Unlike a couple of centuries ago, women now play a vital role in all different areas of life. Whether you are a school teacher with a large section of wall that needs covering or a mum who wants to keep the kids quiet for a while, getting them to create a lady-themed collage will achieve both with no problems.

Because of the variety available on my website, you can find female silhouettes covering the human body, women doing different kinds of sports, ladies at work, ladies at home and more.
Teachers could ask their students to provide facts, such as female parts of the body or when women were first allowed to do certain jobs. This allows children to learn as they create their collage- killing two birds with one stone.

Alternatively, you can use the silhouettes to create a mother's day collage or Mural.
Simply ask the children to choose their favorite silhouette and ask them to add their mom's name to it, along with interesting facts about her. This is a real nice keepsake to send home with the kids for their mothers, who I am sure will be ecstatic at having something handmade by their child to show off.

Thank You and Happy Crafting.

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