Sports Clipart and Silhouettes

One of my friends has started up a small business with contacts to different sport types, and she needed some sports clipart to use for her brochures.

What she needed was actually some silhouettes of a golfer, a tennis player and a person doing karate.
I made a lot of silhouettes to give my friend something to choose amongst, and she was quite happy about it and ended up using most of them.

Now I was in the mood of making these very different kinds of silhouettes, and I simply went on making them, and here they are: tennis silhouettes, martial arts silhouettes and so on.
Below on this page you will find links to other pages with sport images like bowling clipart.

Take a look, find what you can use, and read my Homepage to see the very, very loose and common sense rules for using my material.

Martial Arts Clipart:

Martial art silhouette   Karate clipart  Martial arts clipart
martial arts clipart  karate clipart  martial arts silhouette 
Karate silhouette   Karate position  Sports clipart
karate clipart  silhouette of karate position 
Clipart of martial arts   Sports silhouette  Roll clipart
clipart of martial arts position  sports silhouette  martial arts roll 
Sumo Wrestler clipart   Sumo Wrestler  Silhouette of Sumo Wrestler
sumo Wrestler silhouette  silhouette of sumo Wrestler  sumo Wrestling clipart 

Golf Silhouettes:

Silhouette of golf player and golf ball  Golf player silhouette  Golf player clipart 
golf player and golf ball  silhouette of golfplayer  black silhouette of golf player 
Sports clipart of golf player   Golf clipart  Happy Golfplayer 
golf player clipart  silhouette of ready golf player  happy golfplayer 
Golf image   Golf swing Sports clipart golf
golf clip art  sports clip art golf  golf ball and golf player clipart 

Apart from using these clipart from different kinds of sport for brochures, there are so many great ways of using them.

When you make an invitation for a game of golf, you can use one of the silhouettes above.

The same goes of course for the other sport silhouettes and clipart.

They will all also be great for using on place cards, on gift tags and gift cards, and using them on your website is an obvious possibility.

If you use on of these clipart for lets say a Father's Day card, use the extra time it takes to add a photo of the recipient to the silhouette body to make it more fun and personal.

Tennis Silhouettes:

 Tennis player and ball Tennis player  Tennis silhouette 
tennis clipart  tennis-player-clip-art  tennis silhouette 
Tennis sport clipart   Sport silhouette  Tennis sport silhouette
image of tennis player  sport clipart tennis player  tennis sport silhouette 
Tennis racket and ball   Jumping tennis player  Sports illustration
tennis player going after the ball  silhouette of jumping tennis player  sports illustration 

Soccer Clipart: 

sports clipart soccer   soccer clipart two players ball 
Playing soccer   Soccer silhouette  Winning soccer player
playing soccer silhouette  soccer player with ball  winning soccer player clipart 
Sports clipart soccer   Senior soccer player  Soccer player with ball
soccer clip art  senior soccer player silhouette  soccer player with ball black silhouette clipart 
Soccer Sport clipart  Boy playing soccer Man playing soccer
silhouette clipart boy with football  Soccer player kicking ball  black white silhouette soccer player 

You will find some more soccer silhouettes on this page on Clipartqueen.

Gymnastics Clipart:


Gymnastics silhouette   Woman gymnast  Gymnast
gymnastics clipart  woman doing gymnastics  black silhouette gymanstics 
Gymnastics on floor   Exercise clipart  Silhouette gymnastics
gymnastics on floor  women's gymnastics on floor  silhouette clipart of women's gymnastics 
Woman silhouette   Girl gymnast  Gymnast graphics
sports clipart gymnastics  girl gymnast silhouette  gymnast-clipart 
Handstand clipart     Somersault silhouette
young girl doing gymnastics    somersault clipart 

Football clipart:


Football player Running football player Football sport graphic
clipart of football player running football player
Football silhouette Clipart of football player Football silhouette
silhouette of football player football clipart American football

Find more football silhouettes on this page  on Clipartqueen: Silhouettes of People.


              weightlifter clipart


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