Bird Silhouettes

On this page, Bird Silhouettes, you will find a lot of free silhouettes of birds.

Most of them are of big birds like the owl, the eagle and the hawk. As the other silhouettes on this page they are quite big, when you save them, and they will be perfect to use as silhouettes on big windows to avoid smaller birds jumping into them and hurting themselves.

But you can use them for so many other purposes.

You can use these silhouettes for decorating your website, for logos, for gift cards and gift tags. Actually I think you can use them for almost anything when you need a beautiful decoration.

There is nothing more relaxing than watching a bird in flight, especially some of the larger birds such as the eagle and hawk.

The bird silhouettes I have on this page celebrate these majestic birds and allow you to complete a number of different projects using them. Easy to use and print off, the only limits to the things you can create with my silhouette graphics is your own imagination. However, allow me to give you a few ideas to help you on your way below:

Eagle silhouette:


bald eagle on a branch silhouette 
bird silhouette bald eagle flying 
outlined bird silhouette bald eagle flying 

Project for the Kids

Whether you are a teacher looking for school project inspiration or a stressed out parent looking for something that will keep the kids quiet for a few hours – you have come to the right place. My bird silhouettes are ideal for creating a bird montage or project.

For example, simply print off all the different species of birds available – the owl silhouette and hawk silhouette are just a couple of the graphics there is on offer. You can get the children to either glue or stick the images to a larger piece of card or craft paper – making some kind of scene.

Or you can ask the children to find out as many facts about these birds as they can, using books and the Internet if available. Ask them to write the facts on the silhouette itself. The end results will make ideal classroom or bedroom decoration and it is a good way to help children learn more about these beautiful birds.

Alternatively, if you don't want lots of different types of birds, ask the children to choose their favorite. For example, ask them to print off several copies of the eagle silhouette. You can then ask them to write as much information as they can find on to the eagle as they can. Information such as characteristics, prey, habitat etc all help children learn not just more about their chosen bird but also about the environment around them.

Silhouettes of smaller birds:

Bird on grass silhouette 
silhouette of bluebird black bird silhouette small bird on branch
bird sitting on spruce branch Blackbird-silhouette
silhouette of flying bird Silhouette of small bird
bird flying silhouette chattering bird silhouette
silhouette black of small standing bird bird-on-branch-silhouette
small black silhouette of bird black silhouette of bird

If you want to use some of my material, be it silhouettes or colored clipart, there are a few very easy rules you must follow.
Please go to Homepage to read more about that.

There are many more pages on this site which has silhouette clipart, take a look down below, or check the silhouette button in the left column.

You will also be able to find other pages with birds like Bird Clip Art,  Bird Pictures, Pictures of Birds and Bald Eagle Pictures.

Menus, Guides and More.

Menus - Maybe you own a bar, restaurant or cage nestled in the countryside or maybe you know someone who does. Either way, my bird theme silhouettes will make a great addition to menus, for those looking to add a touch of nature to their menu.

Guide – Whether you are a tour guide or a scout leader looking to take your troop on a nature ramble, these silhouettes are great graphics to add to a guide or itinerary. As well as making them look good cosmetically, you can also add information about the different birds into the guide.

Website – Whether you have a business website or a blog, consider adding a couple of my bird silhouettes to improve the overall look. Whether you prefer the elegant eagle silhouette or wise old owl silhouette graphic, there is something to suit any type of website.

There are also a selection of smaller bird graphics, should your website call for something more petite.

Owl silhouette:


             silhouette of snowy owl                black white silhouette snowy owl
Owl silhouette black
Owl silhouette clip art
             Front owl silhouette              Silhouette drawing of owl
silhouette of Bubo black white owl silhouette

This silhouette of a flying golden eagle is really big, and great to use for protection of smaller birds and also your windows, of course. I think it will work best if you print it and turn it 90 deg. when you glue it to the window.

Handmade Gifts

There is literally nothing better to get the keen bird watching enthusiast for a special occasion than a handmade gift that features their favorite thing. The gifts suggested below can be made by anyone and are relatively inexpensive to make.

Bird Notebook – A notebook is a much have accessory for a bird watcher, as this is what they use to log the different species of bird they have spotted in each sitting. Simply buy a standard notebook, one with a hardback cover would be an advantage but is not essential. All you need to do then is choose which of the bird silhouettes you think the person will like the most and print them off onto a good quality craft paper or card. Stick the chosen silhouettes to your book, don't worry about them overlapping and ensure that all the original cover is no longer visible. This gift is very easy to make and the end result is sure to be a hit with your favorite bird fan.

Bird Calendar
– The calendar is the easiest of the gifts to make and literally takes minutes. Simply print off your chosen image. The larger images, such as the hawk silhouette work better for this gift. Once printed, back it on to a piece of card to ensure it is sturdy. Buy a small calendar, these are readily available in craft shops and cost very little, and simply attach it to the bottom of the silhouette. Your recipient will then get to look at his favorite bird every day for a whole year.

Bird Picture – This is my favorite of the handmade gifts. Simply purchase a cheap picture frame, readily available in thrift shops or dollar stores. Choose one of the bird silhouettes, ensure it is printed off at a size that will fit snugly into your chosen frame. Before placing the silhouette in the frame, back it onto card so it will fit inside it securely. If you are feeling extra creative, you can make a couple of picture frames, so the gift recipient has a set he can display.

How you choose to use the different bird silhouettes is completely up to you, whether you need nature-themed decorations or you want something to decorate a child's room, the options are limitless. All of my silhouettes and clipart images are designed to print at optimum quality and while a good card stock is recommended, you can print the images on to virtually anything you want too.

Hawk Silhouette:


Hawk in flight seen from below Hawk silhouette resting on wicket
Hawk silhouette black flying Hawk silhouette sitting on tree
Hunting hawk silhouette hawk in flight hunting
Black silhouette of hawk flying Silhouette of head of hawk

A Polite Message

Thank you for taking the time to look at the silhouettes on this page, I hope you have liked what you have seen and will maybe consider adding my site to your favorite bookmarks.

While I do encourage you to use my silhouettes, I do ask you follow the very lenient usage instructions explained on my home page before doing so. These instructions allow me to keep my clip art and photographs free for use, something you do not see a lot on the Internet today.

Thank you and Happy Crafting!!

More eagle silhouettes:


silhouette of flying bald eagle black white silhouette flying eagle clipart
silhouette of screaming eagle white black silhouette of eagle head
Head of eagle in silhouette silhouette of landing eagle
eagle on branch looking for prey silhouette eagle on branch looking for prey silhouette

Finally some Public Domain Bird Silhouettes:


flying eagle silhouette heron silhouette
flying stor silhouette flamingo silhouette
silhouette of flying big bird black-silhouette-bird-flying
bird flight silhouette silhouette of swallow
jackdaw silhouette small bird black silhouette
bullfinch silhouette silhouette of bird
silhouette of robin silhouette of pigeon
crow silhouette tiny bird silhouette

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