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This page, Valentine Clipart, has lots of free Valentine graphics: Valentine Heart clipart, Doves with Valentine letters and similar Valentines Day clipart.

You will also, here on, find a lot of other Valentine pages.
Please go to the bottom of this page to see image links to those pages, or go directly to Valentine Days Ideas, where you will find an overview of all the Valentine pages.

So for now, have a look at the Valentine graphics here on this page, with hearts and roses and cupids and cute animals.

There are some very reasonable restrictions for using my material. As long as you use it for your own private purpose, you can use as much as you like. To read more about the rules for using my clipart, please go to Homepage.

   Valentine border elephants and hearts

Happy Valentine Day Clipart:

I love you message for Valentines day be my Valentine greeting with cute hippo
Be My Valentine cupid with hearts JPEG
coffee invitations for Valentines day
Valentine cupid with red hearts greeting Happy Valentine Day red rose

   Valentine border elephants and hearts

Valentine Clipart with a Happy Valentine Day Greeting:

You can use all my clipart for making your own Valentine cards and letters, and you can save the clipart and send it by MMS on your Smartphone together with your greeting and message.

I have made some of these Valentine pictures even easier to use, with the Valentine greeting printed together with the picture.

So all you have to do is save the clipart, send it - and your Valentine Day message is ready for your friend or loved one.

Now, if what you are looking for are Valentine graphics to make your own Valentine greeting, cards , gift tags or other Valentine stuff, here comes:

Valentine Clipart:


pink Valentines Day cupid Valentine clipart red heart in a gift box
Valentines day clip art red heart gift box I love you greeting for Valentines Day
I miss you puppy for Valentines Day 
Valentine letter in mail box Valentine  cup cakes clipart
Valentine pigeons with heart of roses
valentine heart jigsaw 
valentine heart on a string
i miss you greeting for Valentines Day hippo with a flower

  Valentine border elephants and hearts 

Valentine bear with red Valentine roseExamples from the page Valentine Bear, Valentine Day Graphics and from the page Kids Valentine Cards:

Valentine cards for kids Teddy bears love hearts

Take a look at all these cute and original Valentine graphics above and below.

Click the ones you like, to come to the actual version in another tab.

This is what you get when you use the download button. Feel free to use them on letters, your website, mails, scrapbooks.

valentine clipart red rose with hearts

Some of the valentine pictures will be in JPEG, which means that the background is white (or whatever color you see). Otherwise they will be saved in GIF-format or PNG, which means that they come with transparent background, and you can use them on top of something else.

To help you, I will write beneath every picture if they are in JPEG, PNG or GIF-format.

Valentine border elephants and hearts


More Valentine Clipart:

Valentine clipart heart and roses
Flowers in heart shape Happy Valentine
You are so loved greeting for Valentine JPEG Small red pink angel for Valentine PNG
small pink red angel

   Valentine border elephants and hearts

Creating a Printable Valentine's Day Card Using Valentines images:

A personalized Valentine's Day card created and printed by you is a meaningful and heartfelt way to tell someone how much you care about him or her. Best of all, it is easy to do and only requires a few things:

• A collection of valentine graphics such as hearts, balloons, a loveable valentine bear, flowers, romantic Victorian graphics, all clip art you can find on this website.
• Different fonts
• Greeting card templates
• Paper appropriate for printing greeting cards
• Greeting card software

Free greeting card software is found on the Internet, or you can purchase software that usually contains more in the way of templates as well as its own fonts and other decorative items. Hallmark Card Studio is an example of an excellent greeting card software program.

After you have installed the software, choose which format you would like to use when creating your Valentine's Day card. Choices in this area include side-folding, top folding, larger, medium or oversized cards.

At this point, the greeting card software will ask you to begin creating your card by choosing the valentine clipart you want printed on the outside and inside of the card. Additionally, the option to build a border, modify the valentine graphics and adding words using your choice of font is applicable at this point in the card-making process.

Keep previewing the card as you add Valentine images and text to see how it will look once it is printed. Before printing, proofread the text for spelling errors and make sure pictures are aligned with the dimensions of the card.

Details of a personalized sample Valentine's Day card might consist of an image of a valentine bear on the front of the card, with a red heart that says, "I love you.”
You could also surround the bear with a border made of tiny rosebuds or other valentine clipart that has been reduced in size to fit the card.
On the inside of the card could be one or two valentine bears. The words "Happy Valentine's Day" may be printed underneath the bear, either alone or placed in a flowing banner decorated with heart clipart.

   Valentine border elephants and hearts

Valentines Day Clipart Borders and larger Valentines Day Pictures:


valentine band with hearts
valentine clipart band coloured hearts

   Valentine border elephants and hearts

And Even More Valentine Clipart:


Valentine cupid clip art
Valentine greeting for a friend  single red rose for your Valentine 

    Valentine border elephants and hearts

Where Would You Like To Go Next?


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