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This page with Wedding Clipart is of course made for lots of purposes: You can make your own Wedding Invitations, but you can also use this clipart for mails, letters, scrapbooks, websites, and a lot more.

Most of the pictures are my original drawings, but there will also be pictures of old colored scrap, handed over to me from my mother, and cut-outs from photos.

I hope you will find clipart and drawings that you like, and you can use it to make some beautiful or funny and cheap wedding invitations.
You can also use the clip art for making place cards for the wedding party table, or making your own gift cards.

As far as weddings and what comes after, I hope it will last and be happy (at least most of the time). That leads us to 25th wedding anniversary, so I have made some Wedding Clip Art for that as well. place card swans

After all, this is a page for precious moments clipart!


Below on this page you will find more ideas about how to use the wedding clipart, which graphic programs you can use, and how you can shave off many dollars from  the overall cost of your wedding.
All in all some great cheap wedding ideas!

Example of Wedding Invitation Template made out of the wedding clipart on this page:


Marriage Clipart:

There will be some clipart with wedding cake pictures here, but a lot more, and really wonderful pictures, below on this page.

bouquet of red roses for wedding  red heart with white rose 
wedding clipart flower place card  Vintage scrap wedding invitation  
wedding rings in a red box  pink wedding clipart  
wedding rings wedding car
heart of flowers for the wedding  two red roses and wedding rings 
table of the wedding red rose with dew drops

You will find more clip art of presents and wrapped gift at the birthday clip art-page.

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations:

The rising cost of any kind of crafting materials, coupled with the rises in the cost of labor as well as the slightly ticklish economy means that it is more important than ever to cut costs in any way that you can.

This is particularly true when it comes to planning a wedding or other event, so cheap wedding ideas are great as long as they can make the wedding as the bride and groom would like it.

Everything that you do today costs a bit more than it used to and all of us want to offer our best to those we love.                  

 Wedding clipart is useful in so many ways for those who are celebrating or planning a wedding.

In some cases, wedding clipart is being used to create the perfect wedding website. It's also used for making your own wedding and shower invitations.

Using the right clipart you can lower the price of nearly any event by creating your own wedding decorations, birthday invitations, or cheap wedding invitations.

wedding clipart pansy and leaves bouquet with pansy for wedding invitation

Make your own wedding invitations using some of the online paper and other items that are available to you, as well as Precious moments clipart or other clipart.
The results that you can get using the invitations that are available to you plain and undecorated will literally amaze you.

While you want cheap wedding invitations, you also want wedding invitations that don't look cheap.
Getting the best of all worlds is possible with a good graphics program as well as some free or low cost clipart that will give you the graphics you need for a lower price.


wedding invitation pink flowers

A DIY wedding can be very low in price. In fact, it's possible to have an entire wedding for under 5 K and much lower if you really take a long look at where to lower the price of some of the things that cost the most.

Traditionally, paper products will be among those high cost items that you need for any wedding.
Likewise, the wedding decorations are going to be among the things that are the most costly.

Using some of our wedding ideas and wedding clipart, you can lower the cost of your wedding or other party such as a 25th wedding anniversary party.

Wedding Clipart:

bridal bouquet drawing
wedding cake with bride and groom and flowers wedding proposal
25th wedding anniversary in heart 25th wedding anniversary drawing

More Marriage Clipart:

Waltz bride and groom wedding waltz rose arrangement for wedding
bride with bridal bouquet wedding clipart bride bridal bouquet Proposal black white
wedding rings couple of swans  wedding cake decorated with rings and flowers
bride and her mother bride and her mother black white wedding presents 
bridal bouquet sketch love heart drawings wedding rings
married couple cutting wedding cake  bridal bouquet  bride and groom cake scrap 
scrap children wedding  wedding clipart bride groom dancing wedding clipart cake
flowers for wedding table wedding table in garden

Decorating and sending out invitations doesn't have to cost the earth.

Consider the wedding invitation wording that you want to use.
Peruse online wedding invitations and consider them in order to help you to get the wording that you want for your wedding invitations. Once you've found something that works for you, then begin to lay it out in a graphics program.

You'll find a vast array of low cost or even free graphics programs online that can help you to lay out the wedding invitation wording on your invitations.

 Software such as the Gimp is very close to the much higher cost Adobe programs, and is free for download, for Windows or Mac computers. This allows you to lay out the wording and the graphics without paying a very high price for software to help you accomplish that.

The learning curve for GIMP is relatively low, meaning that you can accomplish the wedding invitations in a fairly short time span, for a really low price.

Wedding Cake Pictures:


white wedding cake
red heart shaped wedding clipart white cake whtie roses wedding clipart
wedding cake with dancer silhouettes pink wedding cakes
White wedding cake picture heart shaped wedding cake with flowers
round wedding cake with swirls round wedding cake clipart with red roses

Wedding Invitation Templates:


Getting lower priced wedding invitations means shaving off as much as a thousand dollars away from the overall cost of your wedding. When you're trying to keep wedding costs low, that is no small amount to remove.

Regardless of whether you are an expert in the use of software, or a complete novice, it is possible to create your own wedding invitations and keep prices well under 100 dollars to make wedding invitations and to send them out.

You can not eliminate all of the costs that are associated with your wedding, however you can certainly lower the prices of invitations, of place cards, of envelope printing, as well as other decorations that may be used at the wedding.
Take a look around online and gather a few ideas, then see what your talent and your imagination can come up with.

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Dancer Silhouettes: Here you will find several beautiful silhouettes of dancers, also silhouettes of wedding dance. Printable Borders and Frames: Here you can find the border or frame you are looking for to use for your invitation or table card.


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