Beautiful Rose Clipart

rose clipart example black backgroundRose Clipart is a page with free cut-outs from rose photos I have taken over the years, and you will also find beautiful rose drawings.

Because I often need a quote or saying to go with a clip art, I have also added some rose quotes and rose poems.
I hope you will like them.

When you have found the clipart you like,

1. Click the picture and it will pop up in a new tab. You can now right click that picture and choose to save it to your computer.


2. Simply click the "download" button to save it to your computer, it will be the same picture you download either way.

The clip art here are of roses only, and the images of roses here on this page are all in a PNG format, which means they come with a transparent background and can be placed on top of any color or background, just as you like.

And as you can see on the picture above, they often look particularly beautiful on black.

Rose Clipart: Roses with leaves and stalk.

red red rose with leaves Red rose with green leaves
Red rose for Valentine's Day Red Valentine Rose clipart
orange rose clipart with stalk and leaves orange rose clip art with leaves and stem
bunch of orange roses blooming pink rose bud image
pink rose clipart with leaves clipart of two red roses
red red rose clipart soft yellow rose graphic
single red rose with dew drops pink rose bud clip art
zonta rosa lots of blooming orange roses Rose la Sevillana clipart

When you find a clip art or a rose drawing you like, click the picture to see to the real size  of the rose in a new tab.

This is the one you get when you use the download button below each rose clip art.
Use it as a greeting, on a card or for any kind of craft.

If you would like to use them in a bigger format, feel free to contact me. I will see if I can find an even larger version and send it to you.

I recommend that you also visit the main page of this site, the Homepage. There you will find the only two limitations there are for using my clipart (they're very lax!).

If you are interested in other kinds of clipart, please use the buttons to the left (on the top of the page). Or take a look below on this page, where you will find links to other pages here relevant to this one.

More Rose Clipart with Leaves and Stalk

red red rose clipart orange rose clipart with leaves
pink wild rose clip art Pink rose image
Rose clipart rosebud pink velvet rose clipart


Rose Quotes to Use Together With the Rose Clip Art:

"A singe rose can be my garden....
a single friend, my world. "

Leo Buscaglia

"The rose and the thorn,
and sorrow and gladness are linked together."


"Enjoy the roses that are
blooming in your life every day."

"You are like a miracle in my life, and
you are like a rose:
The rose blooms without explanation,
it blooms because it blooms."

"Love and a red rose can't be hid"

Thomas Holcroft

"One rose says more than the dozen
(and besides I only had the picture of 1 rose)"

"You are fair, as is the rose in May."

"Have you ever watched a rose as it fades away?
The color becomes deeper as the petals dry.
That's how my love for you deepens as the days go by."

"Long live the rose that grew from the concrete
when no one else ever cared."

Tupac Amary Shakur

Heads of Roses Only:

head of orange rose flower Beautiful pink rose flower
head of singel red red rose Rosa Goldmarie clipart
blooming dog rose image Rosa Fellowship clipart blooming head
Rosa Zonta orange rose image Pink rose flower image

As I promised now come some sketches of roses.
The black and white sketches will all be made in JPEG with a white background, but some of the colored rose drawings are in PNG, which means they come with a transparent background and will look beautiful on any colored background, as well as they are great for making decoupage and decorations.
All in all they are all beautiful old sketches of different types of roses.

If you look below on this page, you will find links to other great pages here on this website with roses and other flowers, whereas this page is for roses only.

Rose Drawings:

Rose drawing black white American Beauty rose drawing
Perle des Jardins rose drawing Empress of India rose drawing
red roses drawing red and white roses drawings
Rose drawing black white Abel Carriere rose drawing sketch
drawing of two red roses drawing of pink roses
rose sketch with banner soft rose sketches with banner
single red rose with banner single rose sketch with banner

A Few More Rose Poems

"Even if love is full of thorns, I'd still embrace it
for I know that in between those thorns,
there is a rose that's worth all the pain."

"A life filled with love, must have some thorns,
but a life empty of love
will have no roses."

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Valentine Day Roses: Here are both rose clip art and information of the meaning of sending different colors of roses. Flower Borders: Both borders and frames made of delicate flowers, to use on cards and greetings.


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