Happy Halloween Clip Art

So now you have come to the page where there are lots of free Halloween clip art, easy to scroll through and easy to save and use.

There is pumpkin clipart with cute, happy or angry pumpkins, pumpkins with ghosts and pumpkins to color for yourself.

There is cute Halloween clipart and Happy Halloween clip art, with happy ghosts, kids dressed up as witches and ghosts, that wish you a happy Halloween.

And there are Halloween graphics, with sketches of witches and cats.

All in all, a lot of original Halloween graphics.

You can use all these cool drawings for your Halloween greetings, art projects, amusing love notes and love letters, greeting cards etc.

Halloween falls in 2014 on Friday 31st of October.

When time passes slowly on the day of Halloween, it is such a good idea to spend some time drawing with the kids.
You will find great coloring pages with pumpkin men and children dressed as witches and ghosts on the page Halloween coloring pages.

You can also go to the page about homemade Halloween decorations, Halloween Decorating Ideas, a page with great ideas for Halloween party and to the page with lots of Halloween photos, Halloween Pictures.  Not to mention the page with Halloween Greeting Cards. Take a look at the links below on this page.

halloween pumpkin man with light   halloween pictures playing pumpkin people   halloween decorating ideas witch place card

There are only two limitations on your use of this original clip art.
You may not overuse it, i.e. if you want to use more than 5 pieces of my clipart in one project or webpage, please contact me. And there is no using these clip arts for negative purposes. 

That's it for limitations! Not so bad, is it? Apart from the above two limitations you can use all the graphics here for free, no strings attached. (Yes, you can even use them in commercial projects as long as you observe the two above limitations). You are most welcome to credit me for the things you use, but you don't have to.

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       Black cats and pumpkins for Halloween


About the drawings you find here on this page:

Some of the drawings here are larger than they appear, some of them a lot larger, some just a little. Please click the drawing and see the original clip art in the new window.

Halloween Clip Art:


Halloween drawings Halloween drawings Pumpkin clipart
halloween clip art witch with broom Pumpkin man halloween graphics Halloween clip art ghost bat pumpkins
Witch with broom Pumpkin man Ghost and pumpkins bat
Ghost with sign JPEG Ghost with candy bag PNG Scary ghost PNG
Halloween ghost with sign Ghost with candy bag Scary ghost for halloween
Halloween clip art Cute Halloween sketch Pumpkin clipart PNG
Halloween clip art little witch Halloween graphics sketch witch pumpkin with green leaves
Little witch trick or treat Sketch little witch Smiling pumpkin
Pumpkin clipart Cool Halloween drawings Halloween graphics
Smiling pumpkin sketch Cute halloween cat Happy halloween cat
Smiling pumpkin sketch Halloween black cat Halloween cat sketch
Halloween graphics Halloween graphics Pumpkin clipart
Black halloween cat Sketch halloween cat
Black Halloween cat Halloween sketch cat Angry Halloween pumpkin
Pumpkin clipart Halloween graphics Halloween graphics
Sketch angry halloween pumpkin Black bat halloween Sketch halloween bat
Sketch angry pumpkin Black Halloween bat Sketch Halloween bat
Halloween drawings Halloween drawings PNG Pumpkin clipart
halloween witch drawing sketch witch hat clip art Jack O´lantern
Sketch flying witch Witch hat Halloween Jack O'lantern Halloween
Cute Halloween ghost Happy Halloween clip art Happy Halloween bats
Halloween ghost with gravestone Halloween bats by night Happy halloween bats
Ghost and gravestone Happy Halloween bat night Bats by night
Halloween graphics Cute Halloween clipart Cute Halloween drawings
Halloween bats and moon Halloween ghost says boooh Halloween ghost
Halloween bats and moon Halloween ghost says booh Ghost says booooh
Happy Halloween clip art Halloween ghost drawing Pumpkin clipart
ghost with sign happy halloween Happy halloween ghost Ghost with pumpkin
Happy Halloween sign Ghost with sign Ghost escaping pumpkin
Cute Halloween drawings Cute Halloween ghost drawing Halloween ghost sketch
Ghost with basket Transparent ghost Happy ghost halloween
Ghost with basket Transparent ghost Happy Halloween ghost
Halloween graphics Cool Halloween cat drawing Cool Halloween kitty
Halloween ghost with feet Smiling halloween black cat Halloween black cat
Ghost with feet Smiling black cat Smiling black cat
Cute Halloween drawings PNG Cute Halloween drawings Halloween graphics
happy ghost Halloween ghost with flower Cute ghost sketch
Happy Halloween ghost Ghost with flower Sketch Halloween ghost
Halloween illustrations Halloween graphics Cute Halloween graphics
Halloween ghost scared Scared ghost sketch Halloween ghost happy
Scared Halloween ghost Sketch scared ghost Happy ghost
Pumpkin heads PNG Halloween pumpkin PNG Purple Pumpkin head PNG
carved pumpkin heads Halloween pumpkin lila pumpkin head
Green pumpkin PNG Blue pumpkin PNG Orange pumpkin PNG
green pumpkin head blue pumpkin head orange pumpkin head
Happy Halloween clip art Happy Halloween clip art Clip art Halloween
Witch and moon witch with banner happy halloween sketch halloween bat
Witch sign happy Halloween Witch with banner Halloween bat
Halloween illustrations Cool Halloween drawings Halloween clipart
Halloween black bat Halloween bat yellow eyes Black bat red eyes
Black bat Black bat yellow eyes Black bat red eyes
Halloween clip art Cute Halloween drawings Halloween graphics
girl with halloween mask Boy as halloween ghost Boy as ghost with basket
Girl with Halloween mask Boy as Halloween ghost Boy as ghost with basket
Halloween graphics Clip art Halloween¨PNG Cute Halloween clipart
Sketch of boy as halloween ghost halloween witch and bat Girl as halloween witch
Sketch boy as ghost Witch with broom and bat Girl as witch Halloween
Pumpkin clipart PNG Pumpkin clipart PNG Pumpkin clipart
happy pumpkin clip art happy pumpkin head Pumpkin at night
Happy Jack O'lantern Happy pumpkin Pumpkin at night
Pumpkin clipart Pumpkin clipart Halloween clip art
Angry Jack O´lantern Smiling pumpkin Witch with broom
Angry Jack O'lantern Smiling pumpkin Witch with broom



Halloween Party Invitations:

Here is an example of how you can make your own Halloween Party Invitations with the Halloween clipart on this page:

halloween party invitation clipart

You can print the invitation, and fold it in the middle using a knitting needle or something similar to mark the middle on the white site, and then fold.

Then write your invitation on the white sites, with who, where, when, maybe when the party is supposed to finish, whether the guests should be dressed up for Halloween and more like that.

Then on the back, below the skeleton, you could write scary remarks, or something else Halloweenish :-) You will find a lot of Halloween poems and sayings on this page.

As regards to free Halloween greeting cards, I have made a page with original cards here. Click here.

I can also recommend a site with beautiful old Halloween postcards, click here , a page where you can also read a lot about what Halloween is all about.

Border with free Halloween cards



Here is a Halloween owl, in seen against the full moon.


More Happy Halloween clip art:


Black cat PNG Bat with yellow eyes PNG
Silhouette of black cat for Halloween Bat with yellow eyes
Two black cats and moon PNG Scary bats PNG
Black cats and the moon for Halloween             Halloween scary bats flying
Halloween drawing of bats PNG Three Happy Halloween pumpkins PNG
Three bats for Halloween Three pumpkins for Halloween clip art
Halloween drawings PNG Black cats for Happy Halloween PNG
Black bat with red eyes black cats Halloween
Flying witch PNG Jack-O-Lantern PNG
flying witch black jack-o-lantern-cat

You will find many more silhouettes of black cats here on this page: Cat clipart.


Silly pumpkin head PNG Vampire teeth with fangs PNG
silly pumpkin head sexy vampire teeth with fangs
Black bat PNG Shiny red bat PNG
shiny black bat for Halloween shiny red bat for Halloween
Witch silhouette PNG Evil Pumpkin head PNG
Halloween witch flying on broom evil pumpkin head for Halloween
Sorcerer and gravestone JPEG Haunted house PNG
halloween sorcerer and gravestone hauted house


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