Vintage Halloween Postcards

vintage halloween postcards witchLots of charming vintage Halloween postcards, free and ready to be printed.

Actually you don't have to print them, if you want to use them to send on your phone or as an email. Then just save the card you like, and send it to a friend or your family.

Out of all the vintage cards I have looked through, I have chosen the cards in the best quality (and the ones I liked best) and restored all the funny old greeting cards for Halloween, but as you can see they are old.
I hope you will only see this as an extra charm.
If you click the card you like, you will see it in the actual size in a new tab.
Use the down-load button to save the card.

These vintage cards are in a really good quality for printing, and most of them will be the size approx. 9 x 13 cm (3,5 x 5 inches)

About how you can use these cards, please go to Homepage to see the rules.

Printable Halloween Postcards



Halloween Sayings:

Here come some Halloween poems and saying I have found on some old Halloween cards, which were, I'm sorry to say, beyond restoring.

"Perhaps you will be sleeping
at Halloween night
And you'll miss
a funny sight."

"Be careful men, on Halloween
Witches inveigle and entice
Bachelors to the golden dance
That's naughty, though it's nice."

"It's not safe to venture out
as goblins and witches
are all about on

You can find three more vintage cards for Halloween on the other page here with Halloween cards, se the picture link  below.

More Vintage Halloween Postcards



You can read a lot of interesting facts about Halloween and Halloween traditions on

Of course you know that Halloween falls on the 31. of October, but did you know that the name Halloween is actually a contraction of Hallows' Evening?
And that other names for Halloween are Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve and All Saints' Eve?

Restoring these vintage Halloween cards I have often wondered why on these cards Halloween was written as Hallow'even, but now of course that makes sense.

I also didn't know that the activity with bobbing apples is related to the fact that some Christians historically abstained from meat on All Hallows' Eve, leaving apples as one of the things you could eat and use in festivities.

So you can see there are a lot of interesting things to learn from reading about Halloween on the link above!


And Here Come The Last Of The Vintage Halloween Postcards



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