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I have held numerous birthday parties for my kids, and I have always used different kinds of games to keep the children occupied and happy.

Coloring pages and dot-to-dot pages are great for occupying the kids, you just need to be sure that the colors they use are easy to wash off hands and clothes! 

The coloring pages here will, if printed in 150 dpi, fit an A4 page, and printer paper will work great for this.

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Coloring Pages to Print:


Teddy Bear birthday coloring page Cute Teddy Bear birthday coloring
birthday coloring pages teddy bear balloons
Happy birthday coloring pages
coloring pages to print birthday teddy bear balloons birthday cake coloring pages happy birthday
Teddy bear with present and balloons Happy birthday cake coloring pages
 Coloring birthday page with rabbit
coloring page to print bunnies birthday  cute birthday coloring page with rabbit 

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Birthday Treasure Hunt with coloring pages for Birthday:

One other game has been very good for birthday parties and other celebrations with the kids: Treasure Hunt!

I started making them already when the kids were too young to be able to read.
It could be a treasure Hunt in the flat or house, or it could be in the garden or other surroundings.

It takes some time to prepare, but it is always a great success!

Divide the kids into groups, depending on the number of kids invited. I find that  groups of 7-8 kids is the largest if it is not going to become chaotic.

Make lists with the names of the kids in each group. Remember, you are in charge, and otherwise there can be a lot of disturbance and bad mood if the kids are going to decide the groups!

Read more after the next to coloring pages to print:
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Birthday Coloring Pages:

Birthday clown coloring pages happy birthday coloring pages balloons teddy bear
Birthday Clown smiling Happy birthday coloring pages
Birthday cake coloring pages  Funny birthday balloons to color
cupcake birthday coloring page  funny birthday balloons

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Lets say you have divided the kids into two groups, a blue one and a white one, or something like that, easy to remember and also these colors you can use on the paper, where you make the drawings for the treasure Hunt.

This can also be important, because once, when I have made all the drawings on white paper and not thought of making marks on the notes, or something like that, on team stumbled upon the notes for the other team, and though I of course found a way to make sure all kids got a treasure, it was a bit disappointing for the team who couldn't find any notes.

In the preparation you make notes with drawings. Example:
1. note: A drawing of a dresser, with a red  arrow pointing to one specific dresser.

In that dresser you hide (not too difficult to find)
2. note: A drawing of the refrigerator, with an arrow pointing into the refrigerator.

In the refrigerator you hide a not with a drawing of a specific sofa cushion

and so on. At last you make a box or an empty cake tin with small bags with candy or whatever you decide the treasure shall be.

It really doesn't matter if you are good at drawing or not, as long as you make it very clear where the next note is hidden.
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When the birthday kid and guests  grow older you can make treasure hunts with control stations/posts, where one of the tasks could be coloring some birthday coloring pages. Then you might need it to be coloring by numbers, to be sure they take their time.

For that you can use any of the coloring pages on this site, just add numbers and what colors goes with what numbers.
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You can find more coloring pages on the internet, I can suggest
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