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Elementary school children frequently exchange Valentine cards on Valentine's Day by slipping them into homemade bags or containers embellished with construction paper hearts and other valentine pictures.

I have made this page with cards that are cute and funny so that any greeting card on this page will be a really nice card to receive as a Valentine message. 

Some of these cards for Valentine are cards I have made, some are pictures I have found and made into cards. I hope you will find a funny Valentine card that will make some child happy, either your own or somebody you know.

These printable Valentine cards for kids are saved in JPEG. You just save the picture you want, and use either Photoshop or an other graphics program to print the Valentine card in any size that you choose.

Below you will also find directions for making wonderful Valentine cards for kids like Fingerprint Kids Valentine Cards, Tissue-Paper Kids Valentine Cards, Salt Dough Kids Valentine Cards and other funny Kids Valentine cards.


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Kids' Valentine Cards for Friends

Before going to the different single Valentine's Day cards, you will find sheets with 9 different free printable Valentine Cards, great to use for giving to classmates.

 1st of the single Valentine Day Greeting Cards

This first of the 10 Valentine cards for kids is one I have made from one of my drawings of a Valentine bear.

I have not written any Valentine poem or Valentine saying on the greeting card, but left a red border, where you can write your own text or make small drawings, using your favorite graphics program, or word processor - or even just a pen or speedo.

Size printed with 300 dpi 3 x 2,2 inches (7,6 x 5,5 cm approx)


If you prefer the Valentine card with a written text, please print this one in stead:



2nd of the Valentine Day Greeting Cards

This second Valentine greeting card depicts a boy surprising a girl, with the text:

"Guess who Valentine!
The boy who sent this card to you thinks you're swell - now please guess who."

Print this card with 300 dpi, the size will be 3 x 2,1 inches (7,6 x 5,3 cm approx)


3rd of the Valentine Day Greeting Cards

A funny and cute Valentine card, adorable to receive, with a bear postman bringing the cute bear girl a huge red heart as a Valentine gift

Printed with 300 dpi the size of this card will be 3 x 2,15 inches (5,5 x 7,6 cm)  .



4th of the Valentine Day Greeting Cards

This is a very cute little Valentine heart with two Valentine bears kissing and the text:

"Happy Valentine" and "To ..........." and "From .............." where the child can write the names.

It is approx. 2 x 1,9 inches (5 x 4,8 cm) printed with 300 dpi.



5th of the Funny Valentine Cards

Again a Valentine Card made for kids using one of my Valentine bear drawings.

Size 2,8 x 2 inches (7,15 x 5 cm approx) printed with 300 dpi.



History of Kid's Valentine Cards

Children began exchanging Valentines with classmates when public schooling became mandatory in the late 1800s.
Because television, movies or other media outlets did not exist, these valentines were decorated with pictures of baby animals, cherubs, dolls, cartoon images of food or other everyday items instead of media celebrities.

Examples of kids Valentine cards from the 1920s include two cups of tea, one with a boy face and one with a girl face, and the phrase "you suit me to a tea" and one with the cartoon image of a holey sock saying "Darn it--you gotta be my valentine".
These old-fashioned funny valentine cards are quite different than the ones kids hand out to their classmates today.

1 Extra Valentine's Day Card for Kids



6th of the Funny Kid's Valentine Cards


"For My Valentine" is the text on the heart, the girl is carrying, while the boy stands holding a big red love heart.

Size printed with 300 dpi 3 x 2,2 inches (6 x 7,6 cm approx)


7th of the Valentine Cards for Kids


Yet another Valentine Bear card (using my own Valentine bear drawing) with the text:

"Be My Valentine!"

Size printed with 300 dpi 3 x 2,25 inches ( approx 5,7 x 7,6 cm).



8th of the Valentine Cards for Kids


Another of the vintage Valentine cards, this one depicting a young girl in a pink dress sitting on a swing. The card reads:

"Love's Swing is going fast to give to you my heart at last. To my Valentine"

Size printed with 300 dpi is 3 x 2,2 inches (6 x 7,6 cm approx).


Make Your Own Funny Valentine Cards

Funny Valentine Cards

For these cards you will need:

- Scissors
- Bottle of Elmer's glue
- White, pink and red glitter
- Colored construction paper
- Different kinds of valentine stickers
• Cut out Valentine clipart images (small-sized)
- Pinking shears

Directions for making the cards:

- Cut a piece of construction paper into four pieces of the same size to make four small valentines. Use pinking shears to create a unique border shape.
- Select stickers and clipart to make the valentines a unique creation.
- Draw a thin line of glue around the border of each valentine and sprinkle glitter on the glue.
- Once the cards are finished and glue has dried, they may tend to curl up because of their small size. If this occurs, just place the valentines between the pages of a heavy book overnight.
- Card stock can also be used in place of construction paper.

Tissue-Paper Kids Valentine Cards

For this special project, you will need:

- White construction paper or card stock
- Different colored tissue paper (emphasis on red, pink, white and purple)
- Heart templates
- Glue

Using different-sized heart templates, cut out a variety of hearts from the tissue paper. Next, cut a piece of construction paper or card stock in half and fold each half to make a card. Spread a thin layer of glue of the front of the card. Start layering the card with hearts, creating colorful patterns with tissue paper hearts. The inside of the card can include a cute saying written by the child, such as:

- "Roses are red, violets are blue, you are my friend because I like you!"
- "Beee-ee mine,” next to a clipart or drawing of a cartoon bee.
- "Not to be too corn-y, but will you be my valentine?" A picture of a can of corn or ear of corn accompanies the saying.
- "Smile! You are my valentine!" Insert a big smiley face above the text.

Fingerprint Kids Valentine Cards

Things you will need:

- Washable markers or tempera paint of red, pink, green or light blue
- Pastel-colored card stock
- Glue
- Glitter, stickers, clipart cut-outs
• Couple of wet washcloths
- Colored pencils or fine-tipped black marker

For smaller valentines, cut a piece of card stock in half and fold each half. For regular sized valentine greetings, just fold a full piece of card stock in half. Using markers or paint, color one of the child's fingertips, enough to cover the whorls, and press the fingertip on the card.

Make several "fingerbugs" on the front of the card and let them dry. With a black or brown colored pencil, draw little antennas and six tiny legs on each fingerbug. Decorate the border of the card with a line of glue sprinkled with glitter. Place the stickers or clipart inside card. Write a message like "Be my love-bug" or "I am just buggy over you".

You will find more directions for making your own Valentine cards for kids below:


9th of the Funny Kids Valentine Cards

Tthis Valentine card is approx 6,3 x 8,4 cm, or 2,5 x 3 inches, printed with 300 dpi.

This Valentine card for kids is a coloring card ...  the child receiving the card can fill out with different colors.
It depicts a lot of cute little Valentine bears in many different situations:



10th of the Funny Kids Valentine Cards

And finally here the same Valentine card, but with colors - lots of cute Valentine bears and red love hearts.

Size 2,5 x 3,3 inches printed with 300 dpi (approx 6,3 x 8,4 cm). 

11th of the Cute Valentine's Day Cards for Kids:

This card is a variation of one of the cards above.

Size 3 x 2,4 inches (approx 6 x 7,6 cm) printed with 300 dpi.


Salt Dough Kids Valentine Cards

Make valentine "ornaments" that the kids can use as valentine cards by following this simple recipe for salt dough.

Mix four cups of flour, one cup of salt and one and 1/2 cups of water together then roll the dough out to where it is thin enough to cut shapes with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

With the sharp point of a knife, make a hole at the top of each heart so a ribbon can be threaded through the hole once they have baked for about 30 minutes at 300 degrees.

Once cooled, salt dough can be painted with tempera, liquid markers or even nail polish. Glue and glitter is also applicable as well.
In addition, you can "etch" a message or name into the dough before it is baked with a toothpick or other sharp, sturdy object. Paint the letters of the writing and let it dry before decorating the rest of the ornament so the message is visible.

To make funny valentine cards or ornaments, glue cartoon clipart images to both sides of the salt-dough ornament, leaving room for a humorous saying.

Valentine Scroll

The versatility of kids valentine cards allows for a wide range of creative projects to be implemented when making them. This valentine scroll would be a nice gift for kids to give to parents and grandparents.


- Parchment paper or onion paper
- Markers
- Stickers or clipart
- Glitter glue
- Small twigs gathered from outside
- Red yarn or ribbon

Begin creating this scroll by wrapping each twig with yarn or ribbon and securing the material with glue. Let this dry before gluing one twig to the top of a sheet of paper and another to the bottom of the same paper. Write a valentine message on the paper and decorate around the message with clipart images, stickers or glitter glue. Let the scroll completely dry before "scrolling" the paper. Tie the scroll with yarn or ribbon.

Flowery Kids Valentine Cards

Little girls in particular often appreciate these special cards.

You will need:

- Construction paper
- Cupcake pan liners both small and regular size
- Markers
- Clip art pictures of bumble bees
- Glue and glitter
- Green pipe cleaners
- Hershey kisses
- Scotch tape

Directions for assembling flowery Valentine Day cards:
- Fold a piece of construction paper in half and flatten one of the larger cupcake liners against the front of the card.
- Glue this flat liner on the card and let dry.
- Take a small cupcake liner that has not been flattened and glue the bottom of it in the middle of the flat liner to create the inside of the flower.
- While these items are drying, glue one or two clipart bumblebees around the outside of the flower.
- Decorate the borders of the card with glue and glitter.
- Once the cupcake liners have dried, tape one Hershey kiss to the inside of the small cupcake liner.
- Inside of the card, write something like "Bees are attracted to sweet things and so am I" or "This bumblebee knows where to find its sweetie--and I've found mine.”

In addition to making kids valentine cards for school parties, parents can also find instructions on a variety of craft websites for making a charming container to keep all of valentines their child receives from classmates.  

12th Valentine Card for Kids

Size of this cute Valentine's day card with a kitten and a butterfly inside the red heart is 1,9 x 2,1 inches printed with 300 dpi.

13th Funny Valentine's Day Card

Here is a Valentine card for kids with three cats and a really huge cupcake with a little red heart.

Size printed with 300 dpi is 4,5 x 3,3 inches (approx 8,4 x 11,5 cm ).

14th Kid's Valentine Cards

A Valentine card with an elephant blowing red hearts.

Size 4 x 3 inches printed with 300 dpi (10 x 7,9 cm approx). 

15th Kid's Valentine Card

This Valentine flower card is for a friend, and the text says:

"I am glad you are my friend!"

The size of this card, printed with 300 dpi, should be approx 3 x 2,5 inches.

16th Free Valentine's Day Card for Kids


This greeting card for Valentine's Day for a child has an old drawing of a little girl and boy, with Valentine cards and the text:

"Dear Valentine, I love you, so I send you this to let you know."

17th Cute Valentine Card for Kids


19th Kids Valentine Card


20th Printable Valentine Greeting for Kids


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