Vintage Clip Art

The first Vintage clip art you find on this page will be clip art of scrap images.

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time collecting scrap, or glamour images, I am not quite sure which name to use.

I and my girlfriends swapped them and we played with them, built entire stories around the scraps we liked best.

Many of the scraps I loved most was some I had "inherited" from my mother, and when I look at them today, a lot of forgotten emotions pop up. Like when you catch a scent, and there is a feeling for a moment - a feeling you have had once, and one second later it's gone.

Some of the vintage scrap was quite destroyed, either because we've been playing a lot with them, or simply because of age.
I have restored them when it was possible, and here you will find a lot of these sweet old images.

Vintage Boat Images:

                                boat with shamrock and roses

Three Master clip art PNG Ocean Liner PNG Vintage scrap PNG
three master scrap ocean liner ocean liner scrap
Clip art of big ship PNG Ship clip art PNG Cargo Boat PNG
clip art of big ship vintage clip art ship cargo boat clip art

Some of the images are saved in JPEG, some in PNG. PNG comes with a transparent background, which means you can put the images on top of other images or different colors.

If you use this clip art for your own personal use, you can use as much as you like, and of course for free.
If you want to use it for your website, or for any kind of commercial use, please read the very common sense rules on Homepage.

 Victorian Die Cuts With Kids:


Child playing the flute PNG Boy and Girl and Balloon PNG Boy with toy sword PNG
child playing the flute boy and girl with red balloon boy with toy sword
Paper die-cut PNG Boy playing soccer PNG  Boy PNG
sister giving little brother a shower
Vintage die-cut PNG Kids playing PNG Boy, girl and handcart PNG
vintage clip art child at the photographer kids playing with toy car boy and girl in handcart
Girl with pram PNG Ballet girl PNG Boy fishing PNG
girl with pram victorian boy fishing die-cut
Boy with drum PNG Die-cut of boy PNG Scrapbooking die cuts PNG
boy with drum
Clip art of boy skating PNG
skating boy

Vintage Airplanes:


Red Vintage airplane PNG Vintage airplane in the sky PNG
 scrap image red airoplane  vintage airplane in the sky
Scrap image airplane PNG Orange airplane clip art PNG
airplane scrap image orange airplane clip art

Vintage Clip Art of Cars and Trains:


Vintage train image PNG Clip art of old blue car PNG
vintage train image old blue car
Fire truck clipart PNG Image of vintage green bus PNG
vintage fire truck clipart vintage green bus image

Vintage Images of Animals:

         thirsty kamel drinking beer

Funny Seal clip art JPEG Clip art of Bull JPEG Ram JPEG
seal jumps into the water ram clip art
Red cow and calf JPEG Bear cups with ball PNG Bear and lollipop PNG
Image of red cow and calf bear with giant red lollipop
Horse from carousel PNG Monkey eating fruit PNG Monkey with mirror PNG
horse from carousel Monkey with mirror
Goats JPEG Strange camel JPEG Scrap with sheep JPEG
image of goat and young goat strange dromedar clip art sheep scrap
Elephant JPEG Bear on bike PNG Scrap image of giraffe JPEG
image of elephant in jungle bear on bike

                    fast running hare

Take a look at these cute little angels below, and think about how to use them for gift tags, place cards, small friendly greeting notes and for invitations to an angel party.

Here is an example of how you can use them. I have chosen a PNG image and placed it on a heart from the Valentine Heart page, and placed both on top of a pink card:

                    angel card

Scrapbooking die-cuts: Angels


Angel clipart PNG Angel on cloud PNG Head of baby angel PNG
two little angels on a cloud angel with wings on a cloud baby angel clipart
Laughing angel PNG Angel head PNG Vintage angel head PNG
laughing angel scrap angel head wings angel head old
Angel star PNG Christmas angels PNG Angel with lamb JPEG
vintage angel star Christmas angels with bell angel with lamb
Angel with rucksack PNG Angel with flowers JPEG Angel with harp JPEG
angel clip art with flowers angel with harp
Angel with red halo PNG Angel red roses JPEG Picking flowers JPEG
Vintage ange with red halo angel with red roses angel picking flowers

Vintage Scrap Images of Flowers:


Rose clip art PNG Red roses JPEG Flower basket JPEG
vintage-rose clipart red roses scrap image flower basket scrap image
Bouquet with aks PNG Flowers in basket PNG Iris flowers PNG
aks flowers in basket
Heart of flowers JPEG Pigeon with rose PNG Pigeon with letter PNG
heart of roses and forget me not pigeon with red rose pigeon with letter and flowers


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