Retro and Vintage Clip Art

The first Vintage clip art you find on this page are a lot of just wonderful drawings of pin up girls from the first half of the 20th century.

These retro clip art girls are funny, sexy and they come with a transparent background (PNG) which means you can use them on top of any background you might wish. So they are perfect to use for scrapbooking, on invitations, coupons, gift cards etc. I guess you can even make a party clip art with these girls :-)

And if you find they are just a bit too much, try combine them with a background like the ones you find below, that will just make them more funny and charming.

Also below there a a lot more vintage cut-outs and other older drawings, all free for you to use as long as it is for your own personal use. Otherwise go to Homepage to read my very simple rules for using my clipart for books, websites and similar projects.

Vintage Clipart From Early 21st Century


Woman drinking tea art deco period

Wonderful Vintage Pin-up Girls:



A lot of the Vintage clip art you find on this page will be clip art of scrap images.

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time collecting scrap, or glamour images, I am not quite sure which name to use.

I and my girlfriends swapped them and we played with them, built entire stories around the scraps we liked best.

Many of the scraps I loved most was some I had "inherited" from my mother, and when I look at them today, a lot of forgotten emotions pop up. Like when you catch a scent, and there is a feeling for a moment - a feeling you have had once, and one second later it's gone.

Some of the vintage scrap was quite destroyed, either because we've been playing a lot with them, or simply because of age.
I have restored them when it was possible, and here you will find a lot of these sweet old images.

There will be more vintage clip art of retro pin-up girls below, but the next clip art are more into the house wife category:

Vintage Clip Art :


From We Can Do It poster PNG Vintage drawing woman in red JPEG
house wife clipart


 Vintage Die Cuts With Kids:



Vintage Airplanes:


 scrap image red airoplane  vintage airplane in the sky
airplane scrap image orange airplane clip art

Vintage Clip Art of Cars and Trains:


vintage train image old blue car
vintage fire truck clipart vintage green bus image

Vintage Boat Images:


vintage ocean liner clipart
three master vintage cut-out  Ocean liner cut-out vintage 

More Vintage and Retro Clipart of Pin-ups:


Retro Pin-up girl in beach clothing


Vintage Images of Animals:




Public Domain Vintage Backgrounds:


floral background red flowers background

Take a look at these cute little angels below, and think about how to use them for gift tags, place cards, small friendly greeting notes and for invitations to an angel party.

Here is an example of how you can use them. I have chosen a PNG image and placed it on a heart from the Valentine Heart page, and placed both on top of a pink card:

                    angel card

Scrapbooking die-cuts: Angels



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