Art Nouveau Picture Gallery

This page with an Art Nouveau Picture Gallery is made with all the beautiful drawings and pictures I have found, made in this wonderful Art Nouveau style.

First I uploaded these pictures on the page with Victorian clipart, but they are different from most of the other Victorian graphics because even if Art Nouveau started in the last part of the Victorian Era, the style blossomed later, up to 1920.
Read more about that below.

An other reason for making this page with only Art Nouveau images is that there are so many of them and they are, in my opinion, extremely beautiful.

The images on this page are actually larger, and if you click or right click the picture you can choose to see the larger version in a new tab.

Save that version for whatever you would like to use the clipart for.

Art Nouveau picture of bird

What is Art Nouveau?

Late in the Victorian era new art style won a foothold all over Europe and America, the style Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau, also called Jugend style, flourishes in the period 1890-1910.

It appeared under different names in different countries, most of the names had to do with "new" or with the organic forms that dominated this style:
Art Nouveau (new art), in Germany Jugendstil (young style), in Russia Modern and in Italy Stile Liberty.

The style was inspired by natural forms and structures with patterns of curved lines and lots of flowers and plants.

The description "whiplash" is often used in connection with Art Nouveau designs, with dynamic, flowing lines forming landscapes, people, fonts, jewelry and even houses.
It was considered a "total" style, where everything, style of life, from gardens to forks should be designed in that style. 

The style of Art Nouveau is followed by Art Deco, a much more rigorous style (if you have ever seen the latest series with Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, you will know what I mean.)

You can read more about Art Nouveau here on Wikipedia.
Art Nouveau woman walking her dog


Art Nouveau Gallery of Pictures:

    Art Nouveau landscape with curved treeJugendstil landscape with troll

mand and woman and tree      love Jugendstil picture

troubled writer or illustratorsweet dreams picture

Art Nouveau man with basket with flowersArt Nouveau woman with flowers

person on music instrument and butterfliesArt nouveau picture of family

Scary Art Nouveau picture with the guillotineArt Nouveau picture

 strange Art nouveau picture with cupid     crying children in flower bed

  death is waiting


Colorful Art Nouveau Picture Gallery:

There are so many beautiful paintings from the Art Nouveau period, and you can find pictures of them so many places on the internet.

Here I have collected some other Art Nouveau pictures from books, especially Art Nouveau flowers.

Because they are from prints in books, these pictures are a little more mixed in the colors, but I think they look great, and they are kind of special.

Art Nouveau flower picture    jester jugendstil

angel picture jugendstil         Art Nouveau flower

  art nouveau painting two women firework

art nouveau woman bird in cage  jugend stil young woman and rose

    art nouveau face of woman with hat
                  Art Nouveau tulip drawing                      flower pillar art nouveau


         weird Art Nouveau flower                  art nouveau bird and sun



More Art Nouveau Graphics:

Art Nouveau drawing of woman  art nouveau frame

       frame jugend stil

             vintage car Art Nouveau style



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