Flower Image Gallery

Flower Image Gallery is a page with flower clip art, flower graphics, and a lot of very different clip art flowers. 


You will find flowers clipart, made in PNG-format, which makes it possible to save them, and then use them without the white background. This makes it easy to use them as a background with many different flowers, or on top of backgrounds of different colors, and on top of other kinds of clip art.

Some of the flowers are saved in GIF, which also has the transparent background, but I am changing as many as I can to the PNG, because the quality is much better. Also I am making the clip art bigger. (you can always make it smaller yourself, if that is what you want).flower image gallery dog rose flower

Some of the flower images will show baskets of flowers, others will just show the head of the flower, and yet others again will be the flower on a stalk.

You can also find flower clip art depicting different kinds of grasses (grass clip art).

Another page will give you fall pictures and another again fall leaves clip art, fall leaves clip art.

You can also find a page with black and white drawings of flowers, Flower Sketches.flower sketches scilla

Finally you will also find drawings of flowers below on this page, something like this yellow and orange flower.

drawing of orange flower


If you miss clip art of roses on this page, the reason is that I have a page with only roses, different types of roses, red rose images, Rose Clipart, and also the page Pictures of Roses.

Head of red rose 

Below the first gallery you will find funny and creative ideas of how to use the flower clipart.


And there are some very beautiful pages with pictures of flowers, Flower Pics and Flower Bloom in Spring. At the page Flower Pics you can also find examples of how to use the flower pics for place cards and gift cards.

flower pics place card

When you look at the flower you find below, some of them might not look like much, but if you use them on lets say a black background they suddenly come into their own.

I have made this flower clip art to illustrate this:

wild rose clip art example    dandelion flower clip art example

Flower Image Gallery:


Flower clipart Dandelion graphics PNG Floral clipart PNG
flower-image-gallery-basket-of-flowers Seeds of Dandelion  purple rhododendron 
Basket with flowers Dandelion Rhododendron
Flowers clipart PNG Flower graphics Floral clipart
dog rose clip art flower-clip-art-red-clover flower-clip-art-buttercup
Dog Rose Red clover Buttercup
Floral clipart Flowers clipart PNG Rose clip art
flower-image-gallery-purple orange flower clipart  flower-image-gallery-wild-rose
Free flower clip art PNG Flower graphics Green leaf clipart
clip art orange dahlia  purple-flower-head  flower-clip-art-green-leaf
Dog Rose clipart PNG Flower clip art PNG Bindweed clip art PNG
hip dog rose wild rose clipart  bindweed white 
Flowers clip art PNG Flowers clip art Flower pictures PNG
sunflower stalk  sunflower head with bee  pink flower with yellow stamens 
Sunflower stalk Sunflower PNG Pink yellow flower
Coneflower PNG  Floral clipart Flower graphics
Beam coneflower yellow  flower-clip-art-dog-rose-sideways flower-clip-art-honeysuckle
Beam Coneflower Dog rose Honeysuckle
Flowers clip art Cornflower clipart PNG Flower clip art PNG
Harebell flower clipart Blue cornflower clip art  Head of blue cornflower 
Harebell PNG Cornflower Cornflower head
Flowers clip art Grass clip art Flower graphics
light pink flower  flower-clip-art-grass-1 flower-image-gallery-grass
Pink flower PNG Grass Grass, simple
Flower graphics Flower graphics Grass clipart PNG
flower-clipart-grass-3 grass-clip-art grass blade 
Grass, windy Grass Grass blade
Flowers clipart PNG Flower clipart Flower clip art
clip art yellow flower three pink flowers purple thai flower
Yellow  flower Three flowers PNG Thaiflower PNG
Dahlia Flower graphics Flower graphics Daisy flower clip art
dahlia clip art light purple flower clipart daisy clip art
Red Dahlia PNG Purple flower PNG Daisy PNG
Flower image gallery Flower clipart Purple flower PNG
red flower yellow stamens bunch-wild-flowers soft purple flower 
Red flower PNG Bunch of wild flowers Purple flower
Hibiscus clipart PNG Floral clipart  Flower graphics 
Hibiscus flower red  flower-image-gallery-basket-full-flowers  small-red-flower 
Hibiscus Basket with many flowers  Small red flower 
Free flower clip art  Flowers clip art  Flower graphics 
two-yellow-flowers  flower-image-gallery-hepatica  Flower-image-gallery-pink-flowerhead 
Yellow flowers  Hepatica  Pink flowerhead 
Flower image gallery  Floral clipart  Tulip clip art PNG
flower-clip-art-pink-flower-stalk  basket-with-flowers  soft yellow tulip clipart
Pink flower stalk  Basket with lots of  flowers  Soft yellow tulip 

If you're looking through this flower gallery, no doubt you need some cute little flowers to decorate something with.

I've got a pretty awesome selection of flowers in the gallery, and you'll find that you can do a whole lot of different activities using the flower images I've got below. It can be a fun way to spend an afternoon with your child, or can make a great science project.

More Flowers:


Red Poppy PNG Dark red poppy PNG Red poppy flower PNG
red poppy picture dark red poppy with two bees red poppy 2
Red red rose PNG Yellow flower PNG Carnation PNG
red red rose yellow flower with rain drops Carnation flower

Here are some fun things you can do with the images in our flower image gallery:

Flower Science Project
-- All of the flower images here come from different flowers, but how many of them can you name? If you don't know them all, there's no doubt your child doesn't know them all either. Download all of the various flowers in the flower image gallery, and print them out in color.
Paste them into a notebook, and spend time researching them with your child. Look for the name of the flower, where it grows, and whether or not it has a scent. You'll find that it can be lots of fun for the two of you to search through botany books to find information on the colorful flowers you can print out from the images below.

Flower Hunt -- If you don't want to take the time to categorize all of the flowers you've printed out, at least paste them in a book and use that as your "treasure map".
Every time you and your child go out, keep an eye out for the flowers that you have printed out and pasted into your book. If you find a flower, pick it or buy it, and press it between the pages of your book.
You can have both the printed image and the real dried, pressed flower - making a wonderful collage book of real flowers!

Flower Decorations -- Want to make handmade decorations for your home? Instead of painting or drawing flowers onto the various decorations you are making, you can print out the pictures and paste them onto the decorations.
If you're working with cloth, you can even use some of the flower pictures from the flower image gallery below to print out onto fabric stickers. You can iron the stickers onto the cloth you're using to decorate, and make your own floral patterns using the clip art and images below.

Paper Daisy Chains -- Instead of making a paper chain as a decoration, why not make your own paper daisy chains instead?
Print out the flower image of your choice onto hard card stock, and use a hole punch to punch two holes at either end of the flowers. Run a string through the holes in the flowers, and string up the chain to use as a decoration for a spring-themed party or event.

Flower Cupcakes -- As a fun baking project, you and your child can decorate cupcakes like your favorite flower. Search through the flower image gallery below to find the flower that you like best, and print it out so that you can use it as a reference when you're decorating the cupcakes.
Make sure that you have the right colors of icing (red, yellow, pink, etc.), and have fun icing the cupcakes to look like flowers. Make it a competition to see who can make the cupcakes look most like the picture that you have printed out.

These are just a few ideas of fun things that you can do with the pictures from the flower image gallery. You can have a whole lot of fun using these images, and you'll be amazed by all the activities you can do if you get creative!

Here comes a gallery with flower drawings, a rather different kind of flower clip art:

Yellow orange flower JPEG Yellow flower clip art JPEG Red flower clip art JPEG
yellow orange flower drawing orange-flower-drawing drawing of red flower
Drawing purple flower JPEG Flower image drawing JPEG Cute flower clip art JPEG
drawing of purple flower daisy drawing clip art cute flower clip art
Border with flowers PNG Rose clip art PNG Red rose PNG
border with flowers flower image clip art red rose drawing
Floreal clipart PNG Branch blue flowers PNG Rose bud PNG
pink rose clipart branch with blue flowers border
Flower clipart PNG
flowers with different colors  

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