Flower Borders and Frames

Here are flower borders and flower frames, round and square, vintage and line borders.

They are all free for you to use for your own private use, and as long as you follow the simple rules you find on Homepage, you can use them commercially if you like, but not on other websites with clipart.

When you have found a frame or border with a flower drawing you like, click the picture and a new tab will open to show the real size of the clip art. Use the "download" button to save the clipart and use it on your website, for a message to a friend, for mails and letters.

You can also use a lot of these flower drawings as digital scrapbooking flowers.

Below on this page you will find links to other pages here on Clipartqueen with borders and frames of any kind, and if you are really into scrapbooking digital, or using a drawing program, it will be a great idea to combine some of these borders with flower clipart you find on other pages here.

Free Border Templates with Flowers:


First come a lot of flower line borders:

flower borders with pink flowers 
line border with pansies 
border digital scrapbooking flowers 
border with flower drawing 
red rose border template 
a black and white flower border 
flower borders with Hibiscus 
rose flower leaf border


 Flower Frames and Flower Borders : 

  You can choose among all these frames with flowers, most of them made by me, some found on Public Domain on the internet.

They will all be great to use for a printable card, or you can use them as a frame for a greeting to a friend.

You can also use these digital scrapbooking flowers  for ...... yes, for scrapbooking on your website.

Why not make some of these borders into greetings using some of the quotes and sayings below about flowers?
Then send one to a friend for a special occasion, or just as a nice way of saying "I like you and remember you" on your cell phone. 

The first three free border templates are actually the same pattern, but with different colors.


Vintage Flower Frames

 These next flower frames are so beautiful, made from old drawings.
Click the picture of the clipart to see the real size in a new tab.


Violet frame  roses making a flower frame 
forget-me-not flower frame  apple flower frame  
Christmas holy frame  Frame holy mistletoe ivy 

More Flower Borders and Frames


frame floral flowers  pink flower frame 


"If I had a flower for every time
you made me smile and laugh
I'd have a garden to walk in

"Beautiful flowers just for you
to say....
Take care and keep smiling!"

"I may not be the prettiest
flower in the garden
but I am so lucky to be loved
by some pretty amazing people
that are willing to
pick the wild flowers like me.
Thank you!"

"You make flowers grow
even in the saddest part of me"

"Flowers are like friends:
They bring color to your world."

"There are always flowers for those
who want to see them."
Henri Matisse

"All the flowers of all the tomorrows
are in the seeds of today"


More Flower Borders and Flower Frames:

beautiful flower frame 
free border templates with pansies  flower border with viol
flowers shaped as a horse shoe  rose flower frame horse shoe shaped 
forget-me-not and lillie in the valley flower frame  wedding-flower-border

Flower Corner Borders


flower corner border blue flowers pink flower corner border clipart
pink flower border corner png flower border corner
corner border green leaves on branches corner border autumn leaves


A frame with digital scrapbooking flowers, a pink rose and some yellow flowers.


           free border templates with flowers

       The Last Flower Sayings and Quotes for Now:

"Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers.
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul."

"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine,
and man cannot live without love"

"Flowers are love's truest language"

"The world is a rose.
Smell it and pass it to your friends"

"When words escape,
flowers speak"

"The flower that blooms in adversity
is the most rare and beautiful of all"

"A flower does not think
of competing with the
flower next to it
It just blooms."

"Just living is not enough.
One must have freedom, sunshine and a little flower"
Hans Christian Andersen

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