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Garden clipart - all kinds of clipart like gardening clipart, vegetable garden clipart, flower garden clipart, gardener clipart - all free for your personal use.

You can read more about the rules for using my clipart on Homepage, but they are actually rather lenient. And as long as you only use the clipart for your own personal use, feel free to use as much as you like.

I have a little garden myself, with a small shed, and I like to spend as much time as possible there. A lot of the flower clipart on this website is based on photos from my garden, but here the clipart is more drawings to use for invitations, mails etc.

When you click one of the pictures, you will see the actual size of the clipart in a new tab. This is the one you will get when you use the download button.

Garden Clipart



Almost all of these garden clipart are made in PNG, which means they have a transparent background. So you can use them alone, or you can place them on top of each other, as I have done with a lot of them to create new, different clipat.

Flower Garden Clipart



Below on this page you will find picture links to other pages here on related to garden clipart, such as a lot of flower pages and a page with vegetable clipart.

If you would like a postcard with a flower theme, you might want to visit

Vegetable Garden Clipart


carrot garden bed 


Water Can Clipart


blue water can clipart with roses 

Of course you can have a garden without garden gnomes, but they are fun, aren't they? 

Garden Gnome Clipart



Plant Clipart




Garden Tools Clipart

As you might have noticed, I already made a section with water can clipart, even if it is a garden tool and as such should have been here.

But there are some tools that are not so highly searched, and they will come here:


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