Free Flower Clipart

Here you will find free flower clipart with ping flowers, blue flowers, roses, lilies-of-the-valley and a lot of other flowers. 

On this page it will all be drawings of flowers. If you want clipart with photos of flowers, either as a whole picture or with the flower "cut out" from the background, there are other pages for that on this site.

Please go to the page Flower Clip Art where you will find an overview of all the great pages with flowers on my website.

All the material on my website is free, as long as nothing else is mentioned. You can use it for cards, gift cards, mails, letters - whatever purpose you would like to use it for.
There are only two rules for using my material, please go to Homepage to read about it.

free flower clipart roses lilies of the valley free flower clipart pink roses 
bouquet with roses and forget-me-not 
Buttercups clipart Orange flowers

As you can see, some of the flower images are named with JPEG, others with PNG.

If you choose a flower picture named JPEG it comes with the white background. If you want to get rid of that, it is easy to do in any drawing program on the computer.

The flower drawings named with PNG come without any background, which means you can place them on a background of your choice. I have made some examples here:

black background flower images         pink roses on pink background


flower drawings two roses red-roses-and-forget-me-not
red flowers with leaves and flower buds basket with flowers


flower images red flower flower drawings two roses with leaves
vase with roses Pink and yellow rose clipart

You will also find a page with photos of roses and rose clip art on my website.

I hope you like this page with free flower clipart as much as I enjoy making it !

Three roses rose bud and leaves
snowdrops and forget-me-not to color

Vintage Flower Drawings

You can find so many beautiful vintage flower drawings, and I have searched in books and on the internet to find some really great ones.

I have also restored the flower drawings and removed the background, so now you can find them here with a transparent background.

In this way you can place them on top of different colors or on different backgrounds like the flower pictures above.

Flower bouquet pink flowers flower clipart pansies
vase with red roses other flowers bouquet orchid flower clipart

flower bouquet vintage

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