Flower Sketchesflower sketches anemone japonica

This page, Flower Sketches is sooner or later going to be full of pencil drawings of different kinds of flowers.

I started out with my own flower drawings, but recently I have found some very beautiful pencil flower drawing in old books, and as my own drawings take a lot of time to make and these older drawings are faster to restore - well, that means that now you will find a lot of flower drawings here :-)
And I must say that these new old drawings are of a really good quality, so I guess it just means I have to learn!

Flower Sketches:


flower sketches pansy flower sketches anemone hepatica
flower sketches zinnia flower sketches scilla bouquet of tulips drawing 
flower sketches crocus flower clip art crocus flower sketches chrysantemum
flower sketches tulip flower sketches aquilegia scabiosa caucasica flower sketches

All the flower drawings above are some I have made.

Now comes a lot of the pencil drawings of flowers I mentioned at the start of this page.
As they come from different books you will see that they are also printed differently, some with roots, some just a quick sketch and others again almost ornamental.

If you like, you can also have a look at the pages with clip art of many flowers, made out of photos, Flower Image Gallery and Flower Pics, and the page with roses, Rose Clipart.  The clip arts at the pages Flower Image Gallery and Rose Clipart are saved in PNG or GIF, which means that they come with a transparent background and you can put them on colored backgrounds, if you like. 

The flower clipart at the page Flower Pics are in JPEG, and it is a lot of beautiful photos.

At Flower Pics you will also find some examples of how to use the flower clip art for gift cards and place cards.

More Great Flower Sketches:


 The sketches are saved in JPEG.

About the rules for using my material, please go to Homepage. But it is actually quite simple, because I want it to be very easy for you to use my clipart.

You can use the flower drawings on invitations, mails, letters, cards, school projects and a lot more. Even on your website.


pencil drawing of Cyclamen flower pencil sketch of different Narcissi
Prickly sow Thistle sketch Poppy heads sketch
Flower image of peony pencil sketch of Pansy
Ox-eye daisy drawing Lily sketch
Iceland Poppy sketch Lilium croceum
Oriental poppy drawing black white Olive branch drawing

drawing of Dandelion buttercups drawing
flower sketch black white

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