Baseball Clipart

Here you will find different kinds of baseball clipart, mostly baseball player clipart made from vintage drawings.

I have worked with these wonderful old drawings of baseball players and baseball scenes, so now you can have them here with a transparent background.

This means you can place them on top of other pictures, put the "players" together in one picture, or place them on different colors.

All the pictures here are larger than you see them here.
Right click the picture you like, choose to see it in another tab, and then right click that one to save it to your computer.

About the rules for using my material, please go to Homepage.
But as long as you will use it for your own private purpose, you can use as much as you like, and it is always free for you to use.

The clip art is always free, but If you want to use it for commercial purposes you can only use a limited number, otherwise please contact me.

 Funny Old Baseball Player Clipart

 baseball clipart     baseball player clipart

baseball player with baseball ball clipart      

After these first clipart of baseball players, here comes some more.
They are all made from drawings of players from Detroit Tigers baseball team.
You can find them on old cards on different websites, among others on

Here I have removed the background, so here you can have them with a transparent background.

I think these vintage drawings of baseball players are so special, with so much character, and I really hope you will find a good use for them.

Cut Out Baseball Player Clipart:

baseball player Detroit Tigers         baseball clipart player vintage

McIntyre baseball player picture        baseball pitcher clipart

          baseball player with glove and ball

Here comes a baseball photo of a baseball pitcher, and the cut-out with transparent background:

baseball pitch release  cut-out baseball pitch release clipart



More Baseball Clipart

A baseball ball clipart, with transparent background, and clipart of a baseball glove:

baseball ball clipart       baseball glove clipart

A baseball cap and a baseball logo/icon

baseball hat clipart  basball icon colored

Again a baseball ball, and
baseball ball clip art  baseball helmet

Baseball bat clipart:

baseball bat clipart

baseball bat clipart red bat 

Here comes clip art of baseball players, vintage drawings, with a white background:

baseball player drawingdrawing of baseball players

baseball batter clipart    baseball graphic

                  baseball picture

Two more simple drawings of baseball players.
These two have a transparent background, and could be great to use on logos or invitations.

sketch baseball   baseball sketch of players

A worn out baseball sign

   baseball sign

And a new modern baseball scoreboard

baseball scoreboard clipart

Baseball Silhouettes

I have also made some silhouettes of baseball players, both baseball batters and pitchers, and other players as well I think.

All these silhouettes are in PNG, with a transparent background.

baseball batter      baseball batter silhouette

         baseball player silhouette                 baseball player silhouette

Two silhouettes of a young baseball player

black silhouette of young baseball player  black white baseball player clipart

     silhouette baseball player               baseball catcher

baseball pitcher silhouette            baseball pitch release silhouette

             baseball silhouette of player ball glove

baseball player clip art     baseball pitcher clip art

And finally a charming vintage painting of baseball players:

           baseball painting


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