Butterfly Border Clipart

butterflly border clipart blue

When you need a butterfly border for a card, a greeting or for decorating a project, this is where you will find it!

Take a look at these beautiful border pictures with butterflies, sometimes mixed with flowers, sometimes making interesting patterns and swirls.

When you find one you like, right click it to come to the larger version, this is what you get when you use the download button. Save it and use it for what your purpose might be - just as long as you follow the simple rules you find on Homepage.

All these borders and frames are free for you, and I hope you will like them.

Some of the borders and frames are made in JPEG, which means they come with a white background.
Some are made in PNG, with a transparent background, so that you can use them on a colored background.

The butterfly frames can be used as templates for a greeting card. Actually any kind of message or greeting will become more noticeable and beautiful with the use of these butterfly frames.

Butterfly Border Pictures:

11 line borders with butterflies.

As you can see some of them are made with both butterflies and flowers, and if you need more flower borders, take a look at the main page for all the borders and frames.


Border Clip Art Free for You to Use:

These following templates and frames with butterflies are so beautiful!

I especially love the butterfly frame in black and white, with elegant swirls and classic butterfly pictures.
See it below.

Here first comes a blue frame with blue flowers and pink and blue butterflies.

This butterfly border is with a transparent background, saved in PNG.

This oval with soft pink butterflies will be great for a card, a summer greeting to friends and family, or maybe for framing a text on your website. 

 Again pink butterflies, this time on a pink spotted frame.

And after that the same spotted frame, but this time also with a flower.


  A blue frame, with a wonderful shaped white center.

Blue and pink butterflies, and a blue flower.

Pink butterflies in an oval, made as a template. 

Here comes the wonderful butterfly border, with black swirls and black and white butterflies. 

This frame is blue, and the blue butterflies seem to come flying out of the frame.

As you can see on the picture links below on this page, you can find a lot of butterfly clip art and pictures on some of my other pages, but if you would like to read about the different kinds of butterflies and see their images, you could go to https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Butterflies
black drawings butterfly border

More Butterfly Border Clipart


blue butterfly frame pink butterfly frame
Border with blue butterflies Rosa butterflies making a frame
oval butterfly frame blue oval pink butterfly frame
Frame with blue butterflies Frame with pink butterflies
green butterfly frame oval butterfly border clip art
Beautiful green butterflies Border with butterflies in different colors

black drawings butterfly border

More Simple Butterfly Border Clip Art


green butterfly border one row
butterfly border purple
butterfly border soft blue
black drawings butterfly border
Border with flying butterflies
blue butterflies border clip art
Orange-colored butterfly border

Decorative Butterfly and Flower Border Corners


Black white butterfly corner Butterfly on hibiscus flower
Decorative printable corner Butterfly on Hibiscus flower border corner
red flower yellow butterflies border corner pink flowers blue butterflies corner border
Red poppy and yellow butterflies Pink flowers and blue butterflies
lavender and butterfly border corner blue butterflies pink flowers border corner 2
Butterfly on lavender flower Opposite corner border blue butterflies

black drawings butterfly border

Where Would You Like To Go Next?


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Beautiful Butterfly Images: Different butterfly images, some realistic, a lot with more fantasy colors. Butterfly Pictures: Photos of all kinds of butterflies.
Butterfly Clipart: This is where you will find both cartoon butterflies and other butterfly clipart. Page Dividers: All these page dividers are in black an white.



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