Page Dividers plus Black and White Borders and Frames

Black and white Page dividers and borders and frames are all a part of the many different pages with borders here on my website.

Some of these borders are decidedly made as page dividers, others are borders and frames to use for - well, lots of things, actually :-)

I use these black and white borders myself for making greeting cards, for framing quotes and sayings, to use here or on the cell phone.

You can also use them for scrapbooking, if you are making a black/white picture they will be great for framing any other pictures.

About how to use my clipart, downloading and the rules for using it, please visit Homepage to read more about it.

Below you will also find picture links to all the other relevant pages here on, one of them is the main page for all the pages with borders and frames, where there is an overview of what kind of borders and dividers you can find.

Page Dividers:


                      flower page divider

          double ornament black white

          vintage border with leaves and pitcher

                   classic ornament page divider

          border clip art black and white

             bee border side separator

          vintage page dividers

                 border with black white roses

            page separator with fruit

           simple page divider

             swirl page divider

              leaf border with flower

             black page separator

                 whirl page divider

                 strange page divider

                   rounded page divider

                      flower type page separator

                    delicate page divider

           page separator delicate


As you might have noticed looking at these first page dividers, a lot of them are kind of vintage, or rather, they are from a time when printing books and papers was something you put a lot of work into.

Thus these borders are special, often designed to only a special book, and the designs are really beautiful.

I found a lot of these beautiful black and white borders in some rather old books, and I have saved them and repaired what needed to be repaired, and I hope you like them as much as I do!

I actually think that you won't be able to find most of them elsewhere, and I hope you will use them with care.

If you would like to use them as borders or frames, it shouldn't be too difficult to combine or multiply them.

Black and White borders with Swirls:

black swirl border

   black page divider with swirls

   swirl waves black white

beautiful page separator

        simple swirl border clipart

                  page divider with swirls

       ornamental border

         curved snail border

It is actually quite difficult to separate the different sections on this page, because how to separate sections of page separators with separators?

But if you visit some of my other pages, like some of the pages with birthday sayings and birthday quotes, you will see how it helps making a nice clear and orderly page using different borders.

You can, in the same way, use these borders as separators to make a mail clearer, and also nicer to look at.
I would normally use the same border throughout the whole mail, or letter, because I think it gives the best result, but for some occasions maybe it would work with different borders.

If you have a blog, it could make a really good look if all your posts use a border to separate or just to lighten up the post.

 Geometric Page Dividers:


          vintage geometric page divider

                 vintage pattern border

                     black and white border

        black and white border

         frame ornament

          page separator black white

        geometric page divider

         geometric diamond border

             geometric page divider
    geometric page separator

                 rectangel page divider


Black and White Borders and Frames:

black and white fruit decoration clipart

circle frame swirls flowers

                   flower frame ornament

                  black corners frame

         flame frame

                     rich ornamented frame black white

More Page Dividers in Black and White


            floral page divider

                 leaves border

           homemade border

black white border with corners
        old page divider black white
      clover border

       flame or tulip border

     curved ornament border

    curved leaf border

  circle leaf border
      ornamental border
       black white leaf border

        border made of curved leaves


        leaf page divider





  page divider black white

           leaf border

             leaves border







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