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The page Bird Clip Art has a lot of pictures of birds of different kinds. Domestic birds like parrots, budgerigars and pigeons, and wild birds like swans and eagles.

I have cleaned the pictures or drawings of the birds from the background, so that they are ready to use. They are saved in gif-format/or PNG, which means that they are  without the white background.  You can put them on whatever background you would like.

All the first picturea were saved in GIF, but I will make them again in PNG, because that has a much better quality, and I will also show them in JPEG, because that quality is even better, and if it is ok with a white background, that should be the version you should use.


If you are looking for pictures of birds with natural background, please vist the two pages Bird Pictures and Pictures of Birds.

If you want to see clip art of other animals, please go to Animal Clipart, that will lead you to pages with dogs, cats, lots of other animals, and paw prints.

You can also go to the page Bald Eagle Pictures, where you will find bald eagle facts as well as bald eagle drawings.eagles birds drawings

There are only two limitations on your use of this original clip art:

You may not overuse it, i.e. if you want to use more than ten pieces of my clipart in one project or webpage, please contact me. And there is no using these clip arts for negative purposes.bird-clip-art-bath-duck 

That's it for limitations! Not so bad, is it? Apart from the above two limitations you can use all the graphics here for free, no strings attached. (Yes, you can even use them in commercial projects as long as you observe the two above limitations). You are most welcome to credit me for the things you use, but you don't have to.

One more page about birds is the page Owl Pictures, with owl clipart of different kinds, and if you do not find the owl picture you want on that page, go to the page Owl Clip Art.

         owl pictures clip art                                                            owl clip art angry owl

I would also be very happy if you would link to my site, but again, you don't have to.

budgerigars kissing

Bird pictures Pictures of birds Pictures of birds
bird-clip-art-orange-bird bird-clip-art-swan
Ara red-blue yellow Orange bird Swan
Bird pictures Bird pictures Pictures of birds
bird-clip-art-goose bird-clip-art-ostrich-2 bird-clip-art-ostrich-2
Goose Ostrich Ostrich
Two geese PNG Swallow at the nest PNG Goslings PNG
Old drawing of two geese Swallow clip art Cute goslings clip art
Pictures of birds Pictures of birds Bird pictures
bird-clip-art-swans-white bird-clip-art-swan-young bird-clip-art-penguin
Swans white Young swan Penguin
Bird pictures Pictures of birds Bird clip art
pigeon photo clip art bird-clip-art-dark-bird
Pigeon PNG Dark blue bird Parrots amazonas PNG
Bird clipart Bird pictures Pictures of birds
pigeon sitting bird-clip-art-seagull tucuman parrots green red
Pidgeon JPEG Flying screaming seagull Tucuman parrots JPEG
Bird pictures Bird pictures Pictures of birds
bird-clip-art-stork bird-clip-art-stork-sideways flying seagull clip art
Stork Stork Flying seagull
Bird clip art Pictures of birds Pictures of birds
bird-clip-art-magpie bird-clip-art-bath-duck bird-clip-art-rooster
Magpie Bath Duck Rooster
Flying bird with letter Rooster with clock Chaffinch feeding young
flying bird with letter Rooster with clock chaffinch feeding youn birds in nest

From here you will find bird pictures, pictures of birds in their natural environment.

As I mentioned above you can find a lot more pictures of wild birds on the pages Bird Pictures, where you will see mostly photos of big birds, and the page Pictures of Birds, that consist mostly of photos of smaller birds like Warblers and Sparrows.

blue orange parrot

Bird pictures Bird clip art
blue parrot on branch blue parrot clip art
Blue parrot JPEG Blue parrot PNG
Blue orange parrot Magpie
blue orange parrot on branch magpie clip art
JPEG version of the big photo above Magpie PNG
Stork picture Drawing of Heron and frog
Red and blue parrot eating fruits Pink pelikan
Parrot eating fruits clip art Drawing of pelicane-pink


Swan in lake Two swallows on branch
Swan in lake Two swallos on branch


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