Smiley Face Clipart

Smiley face clipart is somehow the essence of funny clipart, as seeing a smiley face after a remark or a sentence to all of as means: This is meant as a funny remark, don't take it seriously!

A long time ago I made a lot of small smiley faces, but I forgot all about it until recently when they popped up as I was looking for something else.

So I guess they want to be used, and I am therefore making this page with all the small ones, and down below some bigger ones. I am planning of making a lot more, if I get the time for it.

If you want to take a look at other funny drawing and clip art, please visit the main page for that, Funny Clipart, where you will find stuff like funny dogs, funny monkey drawings, cartoon drawings of animals, funny picture quotes and more.

Actually most of the clip art here on my website is funny or cute, it seems the way I make things. Only a few of the pages are for more cool stuff like the ones with dragons, and then of course there are all the serious pages with facts and pictures of animals.

But here come the smiley faces. These small smiley face images are saved in JPEG. Right click the smiley face you like and download it.

Smiley face gallery:

Smiley face animal astounded smiley face embarrassed smiley face flower smile 1 happy smiley face clip art girl smiley face
smiley face clown flower smiley face clip art 2 cute happy smiley face clipart cute small smiley face sleeping smiley face lady smiley face clipart
moon smiley face smiley face simple cute small smiley face smiley face with big mouth clip art smiley face clown smiley face
smiley face with teeth smiley clip art with ears smiley lade face smiley face cute smiley face funny with one tooth dissatisfied smiley face
really angry smiley face clipart smiley face with hat smiley face clipart with flower top hat smiley face angry smiley face clipart smile face tongue
smiley face with funny hair funny angry smiley face afraid smiley face      

As you can see, there are a lot of different smiley faces in the gallery: sad smiley faces, angry smiley faces, happy and funny smiley faces.

And I have made some of them a good deal bigger, planning to make some more. They are all saved in the PNG format, with transparent background.

Actually, when I have made them larger, they have changed, some of them just a little, some of them a lot. That seems to be what happens when you make it yourself :-)

Smiley Face Images:



If you want to know more about smiley faces, here is a great link:

Here on that page you can also learn how to make different smiley faces using standard characters and punctuation marks.
Like making a winking angel face using  0;-)

More Smiley Face Clipart:



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