Funny Picture Quotes

I have made some funny picture quotes of different kinds.

Some are with love quotes, some are about fall. Others are about life in general, or kids. I have also made some about birthdays, and I guess there will be funny quotes about almost everything when I have finished this page :-)

Right click the picture and choose to show the image in a new tab, then save it from there.

You can use it on your website (though not too many of them, please read the rules for using my material on Homepage), you can send it to friends with a mail, or you can send it on your tablet and mobile - a short but funny and loving greeting.

I will start with quotes about the seasons: 

Funny quotes with picture about summer and winter:

hippos dancing in the summer             diagnosis of summer stupidity

picture quote about winter         summer picture quote wine kiss smile


Then some quotes about love and friendship:

Friendship Quotes Pictures about Friends and Love:


picture quotes with love and flowers            Saving friend from falling down picture


Friendship picture quote          picture quotes about friendship

funny picture quotes giving flooer a hug


Funny Quotations about Paranoids and Misanthropes:

funny quote about paranoia   


Here is a picture quote for Father's Day.


                           picture quote for Father's Day

You will find a lot more Father's Day quotes here.

Funny Picture Quotes with Dogs:

funny dog quote about tricks and treats           funny picture quote about a lazy dog

funny dog quote about poodles         dog quote hot dog

You will find a lot more dog quotes, with and without pictures, on this page.

Funny Quotations about different topics:


creativity picture quote  Eckhart Tolle picture quote



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