Mermaid Coloring Pages

I have had a lot of fun making all these mermaid drawings, with mermaids swimming in the ocean, surrounded with seashells, sea turtles, kelp and fish.

I hope you will have as much fun coloring these mermaid pictures. If you print them in 150 dpi they will fill out an A4 page paper, but I guess you will find out, and of course you can make them smaller, if you like.

You can use as many as you like, for free, as long as it is for your own private use.

You can also use as much as you like, for free, for your class room. The only limitations are if you would like to use them for another website with coloring pages or clipart. You can read more about the rules for using my material on Homepage.

Coloring Pages of Mermaids

two mermaids swimming 
Mermaid ocean coloring sheet
mermaid in circle clipart

A lot of these mermaid coloring sheets are inspired or made over older vintage paintings and pictures of statues, which I have found on the website
Mermaids coloring page
Mermaid and her sisters
coloring pages mermaid in sea

Mermaids are sometimes portrayed, especially in the Victorian era, as evil and alluring. Which is understanding I guess as the sea was so much more dangerous then.

I have chosen to make these mermaids more lovable, as it is so much more fun coloring a sweet mermaid than coloring a dangerous siren.

More Mermaid Coloring Pages


Mermaid coloring page
vintage mermaid coloring sheet
mermaid in the sea 

Here come some funny and sweet mermaid coloring pages for kids, with bolder lines and not so many details.

Mermaid Coloring Pages for Kids 


mermaid coloring pages for kids
kids mermaid coloring page
cute little mermaid coloring

Have fun!

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