Free Clipart of Summer

summer clipart bucket spadeFree clipart of summer motives - it must be a page with clip art of sun, clip art from the beach with shovels and buckets, summer flowers, travelling clip art, bathing, swimming, ice cream, cold drinks - all that kind of things

So have a look at these clipart pictures of summer and summer related motives,  and find the ones you would like to use.

You can use it for letters, invitations, scrapbooks, mails, school projects and a lot more

About the rules for using the clip art on my  website, please go to Homepage. But the rules are really quite simple: Do not overuse it, do not use it in any negative way, and of course do not claim it to be yours by making.

I have also made a page with coloring pages to print, to use if it is a rainy day, or just for a quiet break in the holiday, Summer Coloring Pages.

You might also like to have a look at other pages related to summer, so please take a look at the picture links below on this page.

Summer Clip Art:



More summer graphics from my favorite season:

blue crab on beach 

When summer comes, it's time for all the wonderful summer activities.

Now is when you can play golf month after month (if you have the time, of course.)

You can spend the warm day on the beach, just enjoying the sun and the water, or you can go sailing in a sailboat or motorboat.

If you are more to challenging physical activities maybe mountain climbing is your favorite activity.
That goes for wind surfing and diving as well.

Or what about bike rides, in your home country or in warmer climates?

So if you haven't already planned your holiday, maybe you should take a look at the clip art below and get an idea for a great summer.

Free Clip Art of Summer Activities:


picture of bicycles at countryroad for holiday  picture of a canoe at the beach 
motor boat at sea picture 

Summer Borders:

summer clip art typical summer flowers 
border of wild summer flowers 

More Free Clipart of Summer

The following summer clipart will be a mixture of my own drawings, cut-out clipart and  AI generated clipart that I have changed to avoid the most weird results.

girl at the beach clipart  family at the beach clipart 
summer clipart boy building sandcastle 
summer clipart boy bucket shovel AI  summer picnic basket with food AI 


Summer Clip Art:

Here you will also find some photos taken in the summer in Denmark.

Pictures of green, green landscapes, sunflowers and many more motives from the wonderful summer. Sailboats, rowboats, typical summer flowers, roses and swans  with swan chicks.


green summer landscape summer canoeing and boat
sailboat in the summer clipart summer clipart green landscape
summer clip art dog in the sea summer landscape with water
my favorite season summer landscape water my favorite season swans at the lake
summer clip art flowers in bloom

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