Flower Sketches - Pencil Flower Drawingsflower sketches anemone japonica

This page, Flower Sketches - Pencil Flower Drawings is sooner or later (maybe later, because this kind of flowers clip art is not the fastest thing to make) going to be full of pencil drawings of different kinds of flowers.

I think, that, again later, there will be a page with a sketch of a rose, or many rose drawings.

The sketches are saved in JPEG.

If you like, you can also have a look at the pages with clip art of many flowers, made out of photos, Flower Image Gallery and Flower Pics, and the page with roses, Rose Clipart.  The clip arts at the pages Flower Image Gallery and Rose Clipart are saved in GIF, which means that you can put them on colored backgrounds, if you like. Later there will also be pictures in JPEG. The flower clipart at the page Flower Pics are in JPEG, and it is a lot of beautiful photos.

At Flower Pics you will also find some examples of how to use the flower clip art for gift cards and place cards.

About the rules for using my material, please go to Homepage. But it is actually quite simple, because I want it to be very easy for you to use my clipart.

You can use the flower drawings on invitations, mails, letters, cards, schoolprojects and a lot more. Even on your website.

Flower Sketches:


Pencil flower drawings Pencil flower drawings Pencil flower drawings
flower sketches pansy flower sketches anemone hepatica
Anemone japonica Pansy Anemone hepatica
Flower clipart Flower clipart Pencil flower drawings
flower sketches zinnia flower sketches scilla Bunch of flowers tulipa sketch
Zinnia Scilla Tulip
Flower clip art Pencil flower drawings Pencil flower drawings
flower sketches crocus flower clip art crocus flower sketches chrysantemum
Crocus Crocus Chrysantemum
Pencil flower drawings Pencil flower drawings Pencil flower drawings
flower sketches tulip flower sketches aquilegia scabiosa caucasica flower sketches
Tulip Aquilegia Scabiosa caucasica

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