21 Printable Christmas Cards

printable Christmas card logoOn this page I will give a lot of printable Christmas cards, all genuine and free for you to use.

I hope you will like these funny Christmas cards and use them.
When you print them, they should be the size approx. 13 x 9 cm printed in 300 dpi, but of course you can make them smaller if you like and use them as gift tags.

Some of them, especially the newer ones, are a different size, but I will try to remember to write it above or below the cards.

As I mentioned, they are free for you to use, and you can print as many as you like. Just remember only to use it for your personal use, mailing them to friends and family. They are my material, and as such I have the copyright.

If you don't find what you are looking for on this page, then maybe you can find drawings and clip art on one of the other pages on this site with Christmas clipart. Please take a look at the overview you find on the page Christmas Pictures.

These drawings and other Christmas clip arts are great to use for making your own Christmas cards, Christmas invitations, gift tags, for your website and all other kinds of Christmas crafts.

1st of the Free Printable Christmas Cards:


 This greeting card and one below on this page are made out of an old Christmas scrap, that my mother had saved from her childhood, and I following have saved from my childhood.

I love these cards, maybe because they remind me to much of the Christmas with my Mother and Father.

So maybe these cards would be perfect for elderly family members?

2nd card, a Happy Holiday Card:

I have made some very cute and funny Christmas card with little elves making the Christmas presents and wrapping them up for the 24th December, or the 25th, depending what country you live in.

This little elf is standing in the snow, with presents and Christmas cones.

3rd Christmas Greeting:

A Christmas elf making sausages for the cold holiday approaching.

4th Christmas Card:

The busy Christmas elves in their small cottage with lots of gifts and cones, and a Christmas tree.

5th Christmas Greeting Card:

This is the last of 4 cards with the cute Christmas elves.

They are making lots of Christmas presents, music instruments, stools, trains and more, and these motives will be so nice to send to family and friends with a wish for a happy Christmas.

6th Christmas Card:

Maybe some of you noticed on my blog last year that I was making some more, new Christmas greeting cards.

They are kind of different from most cards for Christmas, because they are made of the pictures that pop up in my mind thinking about funny Christmas ideas.

The one on the blog is now also placed here below, and I add 3 more funny and a little crazy Christmas greeting cards to print.

7th Greeting Card for Christmas, Santa:

8th Card for Christmas:

This is almost the same as the one above, only the text is different:

9th Funny Christmas Card:

Well, this is the end of the funny/crazy Christmas cards for now, the next ones are more normal -:)

10th Printable card:

11th Christmas Greeting Card:

12th Christmas Greeting:


13th Christmas Card:


You never knew that Superman also is Santa Claus, did you? Well, now you know :-)

14th Happy Christmas Card:

I hope you like this greeting card, I had a lot of fun making this thin man into an almost well dressed Santa Claus.

15th Printable Christmas Card:

If you send this card to a friend, preferably in good time for Christmas, you might either get a good laugh together with you friend, or you might even get a dinner invitation :-)

16th Christmas Card:

The Merry Christmas card above is made from some of the Santa clip art on one of my Christmas pages. You can do the same with this drawing and make a different text.

17th Happy Holiday Card:

Two happy snowmen with a Happy Holiday wish for you, and for the people you decide to send this very funny Christmas card.

18th Happy Holiday Card to Print

A printable card with a very cute Teddy bear wishing you a happy holiday.

19th Printable Merry Christmas Greeting Card

Some time ago I made a couple of cute drawings of Christmas elves, and here come a two Christmas cards made out of those drawings.

20th Printable Christmas Card

21st Funny Christmas Card


You can find lots of fun facts about Christmas, and lots of other stuff about Christmas, on this Website.

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