Wonderful Child Quotes with Images

I just love these wonderful quotes with images of children or child drawings, and I hope you will appreciate them too.

I have searched and chosen some children quotes that I find both charming and very, very important.

When you have little children, there is so much to do, and you are all the time met with new challenges as the child grows older.
So sometimes when your work requires too many hours of your day it is easy to forget to take your time to play with your child, or just to be present with her.

Then one of these illustrated quotes can help you remember how important it is to be with your child now, today, and not think: "well, after this weeks work there will be time", because after that week very often something else requires your time.

At least that is how I remember it often went when my own children were young.
Sometimes I took my time to be with them, sometimes I did exactly what I wrote above, I postponed being with them (which of course sometimes is necessary )- but very often the work or any other appointment is not as important as the appointment to be with your child.

So to help all of us to remember this here are the wonderful quotes with images of children:

Child Quotes with Images:



As you might have noticed all these picture quotes are rather large.

If you want to print them, you can print them in 300 dpi which is a rather high quality.
Then they will be approx. 2,8 x 3,7 in, or 7,3 x 9,5 cm.

This means you can also use them for postcards or gift cards if you like.

These image quotes will be so great for social medias, and I hope they will bring joy and reflection to a lot op people.
I know that I would love to receive a greeting with a beautiful drawing of a child and a quote to go with it.

About the rules for using my material, it's actually quite simple:

As long as you use it for your own private purpose, use as much as you like, and it is totally free.
If you want to use it for anything else, please go to Homepage to read more.
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More Illustrated Quotes:


mother and child picture quote cute children quote with roses and girl
Picture image with girl and doll in nature  

Image Quotes with Children's Drawings

These next picture quotes are made with drawings made of my grandchildren.

image quote with children's drawing children quote with drawing of kitten princess
children's butterfly drawing quote picture quote about children


Here comes the quotes about children that I haven't made into picture quotes, at least not yet.

But they are so great that I want them to be seen here.

Children Quotes:

"Happiness is
seeing your kids happy."

"Play is the highest
of research."
Albert Einstein

"Always smile back at little children.
To ignore them is to destroy
their belief that the world
is good."

"If a child lives with fairness,
he learns justice."

"They love me in a way
no one else ever has.
They open me to things
I never knew existed.
They drive me to insanity,
push me to my depths.
They are the best of my
pulse in my veins
and the energy in my soul.
They are my children."

"Only a child sees things with perfect
clarity, because it hasn't developed
all those filters which prevent us
from seeing things that we don't want
or expect to see."

"Children are great
So - give them
something great
to imitate."

"Apart from love the greatest gifts
you can give your children are
the roots of responsibility
and the wings of independence."
Denis Waitley

"If you want your children to
improve, let them
overhear the nice things you say
about them to others."
Dr. Haim Ginott

"Children must be taught
how to think,
not what to think."

"Children are not things
to be moulded,
but people
to be unfolded."

"A child can teach an adult
three things:
To be happy for
no reason,
to always be curious and
to fight tirelessly
for something."
Paulo Coelho



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