Beautiful and Funny Fall Clipart

You will find so many funny and special and cozy fall clipart on this page, and I am sure you will find exactly the one you are looking for.


If you are looking for different kinds of fall leaves, please go to the page here with fall leaves clipart, you will find a picture link to that page below at the bottom of this page.

When you find the clipart you would like to save, you just need to use the "download button" to save the larger clipart, the one you can see in another tab when you click the clipart here.

About the rules for using my material, please take a look below on Homepage. My material is not public domain, but the rules for using it are actually quite lenient, as you will se. And as long as you only use it for your own personal use, like in invitations and mails, you can use as much as you like, and of course for free.

When all that is said, here they are:

Fall Clipart in Fall Colors


I love fall most of all with white cat fall tree falling leaves
hello fall clipart tree umbrella 1st day of fall cats leaves fire hydrant
hot cocoa with marshmallows 
cat with fall drink

Fall Wreaths


fall wreath with red berries clipart
fall wreath hot cocoa funny fall wreath with sheep
fall wreath clipart with berries

Fall border with pumpkin and leaves
Fall clipart with pumpkin and leaves

More Fall Clipart


first day of fall clipart Hello fall text with leaves
happy fall y'all first day of fall with cute cow
brown sheep with fall leaves

Public Domain Fall Clipart

The following pictures are found somewhere else, and they are all public domain, which mean you can use them in any way you like.

I have found most of these clipart here on this website, where I am sure you can find more.

hello fall clipart boy with cats
fall blessings image with rabbits
Hello fall clipart 

autumn fall moose

Where Would You Like to Go Next?


Fall Leaves Clip Art: Cut-outs from photos of fall leaves in PNG (transparent background) and drawings of leaves in red, yellow and green.
Seasons of the Year: A wonderful page with drawings of the changing seasons as well as an overview of the season-pages. Fall Pictures: A page with beautiful photos of fall scenery, mushrooms, rowan berries and other fall berries.
Autumn Clipart: Photos of autumn scenes like this one with dew drops in a spiders web on autumn leaves. Winter Clipart: For the next season here are a lot of winter images with robins, lots of different snowflakes and ice cicles.


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