Cute Teddy Bear Clipart

These cute teddy bear clipart with beige teddy bearteddy bear clipart are great to use for so many things: You can use them on gift cards, place cards, for birthday cards and other greetings

The last time I used it was for advertizing for a flee marked, with this very cute Teddy bear saying "Welcome" on a poster.

If you work with a drawing program like Gimp or Photoshop, it will be easy to combine a picture of a teddy bear with a heart, a name, or a sign with text, like an invitation or a birthday greeting for a little one.

You can combine the different cut outs of teddy bears you find here, most of them come with a transparent background (where it says PNG), so you can place them in a picture together, like I have done with the picture of the teddy bears having a tea party. 

When you click the picture you like, it will pop up in a new tab, the size you get when you use the down-load button.

Teddy Bear Clipart:


teddy bear and rose 
brown Teddy bear with pink roses  white Teddy bear with pink roses 
Teddy bear with tea cup  Two good Teddy friends 

You can read the funny story of the history of the Teddy bear here:

Tea Party with cute teddy bears:


More Teddy Bear Clipart:

old Teddy bear clipart  Brown Teddy bear 
white and brown teddy bear 
red Teddy bear 
old knitted teddy bear Tea party with two Teddy bear friends

Teddy bear picture with two different teddy bears having a tea party:

Here comes some teddy bear drawings:

Teddy bear with pink bow Teddy bear clipart watercolor
Cute Teddy bear drawing Watercolor drawing Teddy bear with bow
Cute Teddy bear watercolor drawing
Watercolor drawing Teddy  pink bow Teddy bear image
Blue teddy bear clipart purple teddy bear clipart
Teddy bear blue color Purple toy bear

You can find more on the page with Valentine bears, see the link below on this page.

Valentine bear taking a bath in red hearts
Valentine bear bathing in Valentine hearts 
teddy bear drawing  teddy bear clipart 

Teddy Bear Pics:

teddy bear sitting on rock  upper part of happy tedd bear 
Fluffy teddy bear clipart cute teddy bear with bow 
teddy bear with red love heart  Old teddy bear in basket 

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