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clipartqueen summer clipartThere are 280 pages in total where I have mixed my own drawings and photos with older clip art that I have restored and improved.

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The best of it all: It is all FREE for you to use.
The only rules are:
If you use it for your private purpose, like making a birthday greeting or for table cards, please feel free to use as much clip art as you like.

If you want to use it for your website, or for commercial purposes, there are only two limitations, please read about that below on this page.

picture of flying owlbeautiful deer silhouetteFunny printable Easter card with sheep clipartqueen's octopus picture

How to Find What You're Looking for on ClipArtQueen.com

If you already know exactly what you want, try using the search-function on top of this page or in the navigation bar to the right.
Then you will get some options, which are all pages here on Clipartqueen.

And remember, if needed I have a lot of these clipart in a larger scale, so please contact me to hear if the one you like is among them.

If you would like to look at some pages on Clipartqueen to get an idea of what you can find here, this is what you should do:

You can use the buttons in the left column, or the ones below. Both kinds will lead you to the main categories, with an overview of all the subpages.

Let me give you an example:

You would like to find some funny clipart of a birthday cake.

Click the button  in the left column saying "Birthday Ideas"
Click the button below in the overview saying

which leads you to the main page for all my pages with birthday clip art, birthday cards, birthday sayings and so on.
Now choose among these the page you want to visit, and take a look at all the cute graphics and sayings and what else you can think of.

Overview of the 19 Main Pages on Clipartqueen.com:


On this page you will find an overview of all the pages with party ideas:
Party Clip Art, 40th Birthday Party Ideas, Halloween Party, Princess Party Ideas, Kids Party Ideas , Funny clip art of cakes, Retirement Party Ideas and Slumber Party Ideas together with a lot of Party Game Ideas for Kids and Grown Ups.


Birthday Ideas: Overview of all kinds of pages with Birthday Cards, 1st Birthday Invitations, Birthday Clip Art, Birthday Sayings together with some really great ideas for Birthday cakes, Birthday themes and so on.

Flower clip art of so many kinds, and on this page is an overview of all the pages with flowers: Flower sketches, flowers divided by color, fall leaves clip art, spring flowers, drawings of flowers and more.

On this page you find an overview of pages with dog sketches, cartoon animals, cut-out animals, butterflies, polar bears, dinosaur clip art, elephants, drawings and cut-outs of birds of all kinds, cute and funny clip art of cats, dogs, monkeys - you name it, and it's here (almost all :-))

Here you will find a list with New Year clipart and cards, Groundhog Day clipart, Easter clip art - clip art for St. Patrick's Day, for Mother's Day and Father's Day. Of course there will also be lots of Valentine's Day clip art, 4th of July clipart, and clip art and ideas for Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Some will be photos, but most will be funny cartoon drawings and cool drawings for Halloween.

The page Funny Clip Art has a lot of ideas for how to use funny clip art creating birthday cards and Holiday paper crafts, but most of all it has a list of all the pages with funny clipart like Funny Monkey drawings, cute teddy bears, cartoon animals, smiley faces, funny picture quotes and more.

Here you find links in the overview of all the pages with clip art for the precious moments in life.
Wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday and Graduation, with lots of clip art and pictures.

14 pages with silhouette clip art of different kinds
, together with a lot of ideas for how to use all this clip art for mobiles and printing on clothes.
There are also lots of silhouettes of skylines and furniture.

Love picture quotes
, quotes for 4th of July and Good Morning Picture Quotes, plus an overview of pages with other kind of picture quotes like Father's Day picture quotes, dog picture quotes, funny pictures quotes and picture quotes about life.

This is the main page for all the funny birthday cards and cute Valentine cards.
There are also Happy New Year cards and pages with birthday sayings and birthday quotes, and help to make your own cards with Microsoft Publisher.

I have made coloring pages to go with a lot of the pages with clip art, and here you can find a list with funny elephant coloring pages, beautiful butterfly coloring pages, pages with cats and dinosaurs to color, birthday coloring page , cool drawings with pirates and pirate ships- and a lot more.
You can also find some extremely beautiful vintage coloring pages.

Most of my drawings are more cute than cool, but here you find pages with pirate clip art, cool pictures of dragons and beautiful koi fish clip art.
I think bald eagle drawings can be called cool drawings.

Winter, spring, summer or fall - I love all the seasons, and my favorite season tend to be the one there is here right now :-)
On this page you will find a description of all the pages with spring clip art, photos of spring flowers, winter clip art and summer clip art, photos with snow and I think three pages with fall leaves and autumn photos.

There are not so many subpages to this one, but more will come.
On the main page with pencil sketches you find links to a page with great dog sketches and flower sketches, and pages about how to draw a cat and a dog.

A main page for medical clip art with photos of medical utensils, drawings of doctors and teddy bears with a bandage.
You will also find links to the page with medical cartoons,  my own funny drawings.

What you find here is a list of all the pages with school clip art, sports clip art, space clip art and so on, but you will also find some really cool money and business clip art and some quotes about success and business.

This main page comes with an overview of all the 19 pages here on clipartqueen filled with facts about animals. I won't mention them all here, have a look and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for.
On the page you will also get lots of information about animal intelligence, dangerous animals, arctic animals and a lot more.

Again lots of pages, I think there are 23 pages, this time with animal photos, all free for you to use.
Some of the photos are public domain photos I have made sharper or cut out unnecessary details, but a lot of them are photos I have taken myself, like a lot of the photos of hippos, elephants, polar bears and more.
If you want funny clip art of these animals, please go to animal clipart.

The main page for lots of coming up pages with borders of any kind.
Right now there are two sub-pages, but soon you will find the other 8 planned pages with animal borders, Easter borders, Christmas borders and so on.

Here you find an overview of all the pages here on Clipartqueen.com with antique, vintage and Victorian motives.
Classic cars, Victorian clothing, Medieval clothing and clip art, as well as Victorian and Vintage clip art of horses, clocks, graphophones (no, it is actually spelled correctly!) and more.

My Books

After turning 65 I have the time and (hopefully) the energy for making all the children's books I have been planning for so long.

On this page, "My Books", you can read about the e-books I have finished, se picture of the covers and one of the illustrations from inside the book.

When you sign up for my newsletter you can choose one of these e-books for free!




Now You Can Share Your Best Drawings!

When I started out drawing there were some of my drawings I really were proud of. Sometimes I showed them to family and friends, but I really wanted more people to see these drawings, because I was fond of them.

They were drawings that showed me I had improved at drawing, or they somehow had turned out just like I had hoped.

What I really would like now is to see a lot of your drawings: Your best drawings, some funny ones, some you just cannot get right and would like some comments on ......or simply drawings you would like others to see.

For now you can share your drawings on the page Drawing Pencil Sketches, where you will find a very simple invitation to upload your pictures (it doesn't have to be pencil drawings, ink and charcoal and computer drawings are also very welcome).

elephant sketches

Please go to this invitation if you have drawings you would like to share or if you would like to see what others have shared!

Limitations on Use of Material From ClipArtQueen.com

LIMITATION NO. 1: No Competing with Clipartqueen.com or Overusing this Material

If you use my material for your own private purposes, like for invitations, cards to friends and family and so on, it's all free and you can use as much as you like!

You are not allowed to use my clipart on web galleries and sites that compete with Clipartqueen.com

You are not allowed to base a book or a website or anything else entirely or primarily on the material (i.e. clip art, photos, drawings, sketches, images, graphics etc.) from ClipArtQueen.com. (Well, of course not! Since I have the basic copyright that would make your book or web gallery mine, right? So it's common sense. But it has to be said).

So if you want to use more than 3 graphics from this website on your website or in a book (or similar), please contact me. (I treat such requests very positively).

LIMITATION NO. 2: No Using this Material for Negative Purposes

The other limitation seems just as natural and common sense:

Do not use my material in a negative way. What I mean is this: Do not use my material in a way where you deliberately hurt or discriminate somebody, or for any kind of illegal activity ... and so on.

That's it for limitations! Not so bad, is it?

Apart from the above two limitations you can use all the graphics here for free, no strings attached. (Yes, you can even use them in commercial projects as long as you observe the two above limitations and do not claim that you have copyright to it and you don't claim it to be in public domain).



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