Bear Pictures

Panda cup headWelcome to this page, Bear Pictures, where you will find lots of beautiful and very interesting photos of Grizzly bears, the Giant Panda, the Sun bear and a lot of pictures of the American brown bear.

The Polar bear is also a member of the family Ursida, but pictures of the polar bear are available on the page Polar Bear , and you can also find a page with clipart, Polar Bear Clip Art and a page with great facts about this big, endangered animal, Polar Bear Facts.

I hope you will enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I do.

The size of the bear photos are a good deal bigger than you see here, so you can save them, and use them in the size that is suitable for you.

Bear Clip Art:

Grizzly bear pictures Grizzly bear pictures
bear pictures two Grizzly bears near river American Grizzly bear clipart
Two American Grizzly bears near river American Grizzly bear
Grizzly bear pictures American black bear
Grizzly bear Yellowstone head bear pictures Black bear
Head of Grizzly bear in Yellowstone Black bear picture
American black bear Asian black bear
Black bear looking bear pictures ursus
Black bear picture Ursus thibetanus, Asian black bear


The Bear Man:

Here comes a video with a man in Finland taking care of brown bears.

I could be a little worried about what will happen to these bears when he can no longer take care of them, the bears being so used to human company, but apart from that I think it looks like a really nice company:


More Bear Clip Art:


Bear clip art Bear clip art
bear with brown head and paws bear pictures el oso
Bear with brown head and paws El oso
Brown bear Brown bear
Brown bear in zoo with dinner Brown bear looking at meat in Zoo
Brown bear in zoo in Copenhagen Brown bear looking at meat
Bear clip art brown bear Bear clip art brown bear
Brown bear in Creek Beautiful Brown bear
Brown bear in creek Beautiful Brown bear

Here is one more video with an man and his bear.

Doug Seus and his wife live in Utah, USA, with their 3 grizzly bears, Doug being one of Hollywood's bear trainers.


The bear Bart 2 recently starred in an episode of Game of Thrones.

These bears are also ambassadors for Vital Ground, a charity which has so far helped to protect and enhance nearly 600,000 acres of crucial wildlife habitat.

Big bears Big bears
Brown bear in river eating salmon Brown bear feeding on salmon
Brown bear in river eating salmon Brown bear feeding on salmon
Bear clip art Bear clip art
Walking bear fishing brown bear in river
Walking bear Fishing Brown bear in river
Kodiak bear Kodiak bear
Kodiak bear standing on hind legs Kodiak bear with cubs
Kodiak bear standing on hind legs Kodiak bear with cubs


Bear cubs Bear cubs
Brown bear with two cups in river fishing Two Kodiak brown bear cups playing
Brown bear with two cubs fishing Two Brown bear Kodiak cubs playing
Giant panda bears Giant panda bears
Panda cup head Giant Panda
Panda cup Giant panda

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