Silhouette of an Angel

Angel silhouettes - cupids, angels blowing their trumpet, with huge wings and small wings - all kinds of silhouette of an angel.

These charming silhouettes are all free for you to use, as long as you follow the two simple rules you can read on Homepage.

The size of these angel pictures is larger than you see them here, which you will find if you click one of the angels.
Then the larger version will pop up in a new tab.
You can save the picture using the "download" button, or by right-clicking the picture - small or large, it will always be the large version you download.
Then you can make it smaller if you like.

If you want other kinds of silhouettes as well, please take a look at the links at the bottom of this page.

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Silhouette of an Angel in black and white


angel on white bg sitting angel white black outlined praying
angel with trumpet grey silhouette

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To go with one of these wonderful angels, here are a few

Angel Poems and Angel Sayings


"We stand as tall as angels
when we kneel to help a friend"

My Angel

"I know I have an angel.
She was sent from Heaven above
to protect me every day,
and to give me lots of love.

She helps me when I'm lonely.
She sits by me when I cry.
She encourages me when I'm down,
and make me want to try.

Some day I hope I'll meet her
to thank her for being there,
for giving me strength,
and remembering me in prayer."

Guardian Angel.

"Sometimes in life we need to share
our feelings that are hard to bear.
When in our hearts we feel such pain
that extra strength we have to gain
from someone who will keep us sage
and listen when we lose our faith.
This Guardian Angel's here for you
to light the way and help you through."

If you would like to know more about angels you can find it here.

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More Angel Silhouettes


         angel silhouettes border

idea for using an angel silhouette
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Find Your Silhouette of an Angel here


trumpet blowing angel silhouette  angel silhouette clipart 
white angel silhouette 
silhouette of cute angel with trumpet 

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Silhouette of an Angel, AI generated


beautiful angel drawing silhouette black silhouette of an angel
angel silhouette with sword angel with stick surrounded by ornaments
Black and white angel drawing Angel silhouette surrounded by ornaments
silhouette of angel with a stick black silhouette of an angel
Angel drawing with a stick  

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Angel Wings Silhouette


Simple angle wings silhouette PNG Feathered angel wings silhouette PNG
angel wings silhouette black feathery angel wings
angel wings angel wings clipart
silhouette of angel wings angel wings silhouette

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