New Years Clipart

New Years clipart 2017This page with New Years Clipart will consist of photos, or clipart made from photos, and drawings with New Year motives such as the old year saying goodbye, and the happy New Year baby.

There will also be New Years graphics, happy New Year  clipart and New Years Eve Clipart such as firework, indoor firework, rockets, hats and a lot more.    

As we are entering year 2021, some of the clipart and drawings will be celebrating year 2021, some will be without year mentioned.

I have made some of the pictures pretty big, and some I have made to be broad enough to be good to use as headers for letters, blogs, invitations, art projects, scrapbooks and greeting cards.

New Year Clip Art:

new year greeting from small animal
hat for New Year party
2016 already funny new year clipart 

If the background on the graphic seems white, it will be either because it is white, and the pictures are made in JPEG.  Or they are made in GIF/PNG-format and have a transparent background.

Then they will be good to use on different backgrounds, as you can se in this example:

 champagne glasnew-years-clipart-glas-serpentines-2

Whether they are in GIF/PNG and with transparent background or in JPEG and with white

background is often easy to see. But as a help I will write it beside the name of the picture, if there should be doubt.

I hope you find some clipart that you like. Feel free to use it in any way you like, as long as you use it for your own private purpose such as invitations, gift cards etc.
If you want to use it for websites and the like, there are only two limitations:

There are only two limitations on your use of this original clip art. You may not overuse it, i.e. if you want to use more than five pieces of my clipart in one project or webpage, please contact me. And there is no using these clip arts for negative purposes. 

You might also want to take a look at the page with and about New Year Cards, also on this website Clipartqueen.

New Year Greetings

To go with the clipart here are some great New Year greetings for you:

Wishing you beautiful moments,
treasured memories
and all the blessings
a heart can know!
Happy New Year!

Let's welcome the New Year
Give the happy adieu to the old,
start the new beginning without fear
and cherish the memories we hold.
Happy New Year

I wish that all your wishes
are fulfilled this year.
Happy New Year

May true happiness
longevity and good fortune
be with you this New Year
and always.
Happy New Year!

Hope these good wishes help you to
celebrate an exciting and magical
New Year.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

More Clipart for New Year Greetings:




New Years Eve clock

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