Send a Happy New Year Card

This is the new year the new you.
You can pass through another year,
coasting on cruise control.
Or you can step out of your comfort zone,
trying things you have never done before,
& make 2024 as the year
that you elevate from where you are & soar high.
Make it happen!”
- Pablo

It is such a great idea to send a  card with with New Year greetings and New Year wishes.

You can send it to members of your family, to all your friends, to co-workers.
Everybody could deserve a New Year greeting card with wishes of a good and better year, wishes for health, happiness, good fortune, prosperity, you name it.

I hope you will like one of the New Year greeting cards on this page, if not, I have some suggestions  of how to make your own free greeting card, or where to find one.

While Christmas is very much child-orientated, it would be fair to say that New Year gives the adults a proper chance to let down their hair and celebrate the passing of another year.

Although not really popular until the last five years, sending a Happy New Year card to your nearest and dearest is now very much the thing to do.

The tradition sending greeting cards for New Year appears to have started in Scotland, UK, where the New Year really is a huge celebration.

On my website you will find New Year Cards you simply print off and send, taking all the hassle out of sending cards. You can even choose to send them as e-cards if you really want to stay on top of modern technology.

Have a look through what I have to offer, there really is something for everyone.


New Year Fun Facts

Like many other things in our lives, we have the Romans to thank for New Year and January in general, as it was them who decided January would be the first month on their calendar.

The month was actually named after the Roman God, Janus – who had two faces, one of which was to look forward into the New Year, the other looked back into the old.

However, January was a fairly new addition to the calendar, given the Roman's obsession with the number ten, all previous calendars had only ten months – completely missing out January and February.
New Year was celebrated in England and other countries on March 1st and, even after the additions, continued to be the case right up until the 1800s.

Top Tip – A quick and easy New Year Card, simply fold a piece of card stock and cover it in New Year facts – either written or printed in different fonts. The history surrounding New Year is interesting and would be a welcome read for some people.

Links to sites and pages with clipart or quotes and similar:

 Quotes Scoop website.

Freelang website

Here are  the some more greeting cards for New Year.

Happy New Year card snowman and snowchild 

New Year Resolutions

A New Year Resolution is the commitment a person makes to reform a habit, projects or personal goals.

They can range from completely serious to totally funny New Year Resolutions and despite the best of intentions, many are broken or forgotten before the New Year wine loses its fizz.

The most common resolutions tend to relate to change, the arrival of a New Year often makes people feel like making changes in their life be it a commitment to healthy eating, stopping smoking or reducing spending.

Some of the funniest genuine New Year Resolutions recorded are listed below -

• I resolve to stop licking frozen lamp posts

• I resolve to go back to school, so I can avoid paying back my student loans

• I resolve to start washing my hands after visiting the bathroom

• I resolve to stop buying junk on eBay

• I resolve to stop buttering my donuts

Obviously, although these have been genuine resolutions made by people, they cannot really be taken seriously.
However, you can take the idea of resolutions and use them to make a novel Happy New Year card for someone special.
You could type a series of resolutions in different fonts – these resolutions should be promises you want to make to the particular recipient.

So, if you are planning on making a New Year card for your partner, the following resolutions or promises may be appropriate

• I resolve to cook dinner at least one night a week

• I resolve to take you out on a date, at least once a month

• I resolve to give you an hour-long pamper session once a week.

Obviously, you can tailor them to suit your individual needs and that of the person who you wish to send the card too.

Consider a mix of serious and funny New Year resolutions. Print off your resolutions, cut around each one and arrange them decoratively on a folded piece of card stock. And that's it!
With the minimum of effort and resources, you have made a New Year card your partner will cherish.

You can also add funny clip art images to your cards to go alongside your funny New Year resolutions. There are lots of free images available at the Clipart Queen website.

New Year card with red poppy 

(The card above with the hippo is smaller than the rest, I think it is 8 x 5,5 cm).

Happy New Year Sentiments

If you are planning on making your own Happy New Year cards, then you will need to think of the sentiments you plan to print or write inside. Obviously, what goes in each one will depend on who you are sending them too.

Some examples are -

Acquaintances/Neighbors/Work Colleagues -

Wishing you health and happiness throughout the New Year

Close Friends and Extended Family Members

Out with the old and in with the new
May your pleasures be many and your troubles be few.

Close Family

Here is wishing the Christmas snowflakes turn to smiles
and the New Year brings health, happiness, love and joy.


May 2024, be a year of health and happiness
A year of memories and joy
A year of love and Laughter
A year spent together
All my love for each and every day the New Year brings.

You can find free sentiments for New Year and other celebrations at the Paper Crafts Connection website (see the link below on this page).

More free New Year cards for you:

Making your own cards, be it for the New Year, Christmas, a special birthday or any number of other celebrations has several advantages.

Firstly, you will know the cards you are sending are absolutely unique, it would be impossible for someone else to send the same one therefore, cutting down on duplicates.

Secondly, be it your friendly neighbor or your loving wife, there will not be one person who isn't impressed with getting a handmade card. Not only does it tell the person you have spent time making them something, your odds of your cards being kept as a keepsake significantly increase when you make your own.

Last, but by no means least, the cost of the materials you need to do handmade Happy New Year cards will be significantly less than what you would spend buying shop-bought alternatives. A definite win-win.

You can print this Happy New Year Card in 300 dpi, size 4 x 5,6 inches.

New Year Around the World

While we all know people celebrating the New Year in the UK and America usually involves copious amounts of alcohol, food, music and dancing to Auld' Lang Syne, the traditions taking place in other parts of the world are much more intriguing.

• Brazil
New Year's eve in Brazil sees a sacrificial boat, laden with jewelry, flowers and candles is pushed out to sea from Ipenama Beach in Rio De Janeiro by Priestesses of the Macumba voodoo cult.
The traditional New Year's day meal consists of a lentil soup, which is eaten by the entire family. While this may seem a basic delicacy for such an important day, the lentil in Brazil symbolizes wealth and the lentil soup is supposed to encourage a wealthy year ahead.

• Modern Egypt
Obviously, the people of Egypt know exactly when New Year is but they still have to wait for an official announcement by the Grand Mufti (religious leader). When a crescent moon is spotted from the Muhammed Ali Mosque, the leader announces New Year is here to the men of every family. After wishing each other “Kol Sana We Enta Tayeb” (Happy New Year) to each other, the men go home and tell their families.
The New's Day Meal in Egypt is important and even the very poorest of people will ensure there is at least some meat on their dining table. Alcohol is not present though. Happy New Year cards are exchanged and special sweets are given to the children. The boy's sweets will be in the shape of a boy on a horse. The girl's sweets are usually shaped like a girl in a dress.

• Romania
New Year's Eve in Romania consists of singing traditional songs and playing traditional games. The New Year is then rung in, usually by an official or the head of a family, with a bell. People then leave a lamp lit outside their homes from New Year's Night until dawn, as they believe this will lead to a sunny and wealthy New Year.

• Vietnam
Known as Tet in Vietnam, the New Year in Vietnam is an important festival as it falls between one of the only breaks in the agricultural calendar. Preparations for New Year begin weeks in advance, as people clear their debts, clean their homes and polish any silverware or brass they may own. Happy New Year cards are exchanged on the day, before a meal of rice pudding (consisting of pork and mungo beans) and watermelon.
The watermelon is considered extremely lucky in Vietnam and you are unlikely to find a household without one. A bamboo tree is then planted in the family's garden or yard and decorated with red streamers, bells and flowers. The decorations, although pretty, are actually designed to ward off evil spirits that may pass by the family home.

Traditions from around the world would make an excellent addition to a Happy New Years Card. You could print the tradition of the person's favorite place to visit or dream destination on the front of the card. Then you have a pretty keepsake and a little culture lesson too – all of which is easy and quick to make.


You could write Happy New Year in several different languages on your Happy New Year card.
Simply type out the expressions on your computer and print. Cut around each expression, you can use normal or fancy cut scissors that give a patterned cut the choice is yours. You can then stick the expressions in a design onto the blank card using double-sided foam squares to give the card a 3D look. Here are a couple of alternative ways to say Happy New Year to help you out.

• Sun Lin Fi Lok - Cantonese

• Bonne AnneeFrench

• Ein Gutes Neues JahrGerman

• Buon Anno Italian

• Akemashite OmedetoJapanese

• Feliz Año NuevoSpanish

If adding a sentiment in a different language appeals to you and you want to consider using other languages for your Happy New Year card, the Freelang website is the place to go. (see the link below on this page)

Size of this New Years Card with the greeting in different languages is 4 x 5,6 inches printed with 300 dpi.


Happy New Year Quotes

Some of the funniest things ever said were uttered by famous people, which is why there are so many quotes flying around. Not only can quotes provide you with inspiration and motivation, they are also a great way to express love, gratitude, friendship and more.

Using Happy New Year quotes on your cards allows you to do this and if using fancy sentiments just isn't your thing, using a classic quote may be the way forward. Here are a few quotes to get you started -

• “Good Resolutions are simply checks men draw on a bank where they have no account” - Oscar Wilde

• An optimist stays up till midnight to welcome the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old one leaves Bill Vaughn

• May all your troubles last as long as your New Year resolutionsJoey Adams

• “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ― Brad Paisley

• Cheer to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right

• “I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.” —
Neil Gaiman

• New is the year, new are the hopes, new is the resolution, new are the spirits, and new are my warm wishes just for you. Have a promising and fulfilling New Year

You can use a collection of New Year quotes to decorate the front of your card or you can choose your favorite one and place it inside instead of a sentiment.
For more New Year quotes visit the great Quotes Scoop website.

Whatever you decide to do and however you choose to decorate your New Year card, remember that the time and effort you have put in to making it will make a great start to the New Year.

If you have any questions regarding usage of my material please do feel free to get in touch with me and I will do my best to help.

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Happy New Year Clipart: Original genuine clip art for your New Year invitations.  



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