Lighthouse Clipart

Lighthouse clipart and drawings are often used as symbols for hope, guiding or just for showing a nautical element.

Some of these drawings of lighthouses are made in watercolor, some black and white, other drawings with different colors, and there are a few cut-outs as well.

All of them, except for the watercolor lighthouses, are with a transparent background and can be places into other drawings, as well as on different colored backgrounds.

If you click the clipart, you will see the actual picture on a new tab. This is the one you will get when you use the download button.

If you want to use my material for your own personal use, such a for your classroom, invitations, your own website (unless it is a webiste with clipart like this one), you can use it for free, and as much as you like. About how the rules are for using my material in general, please go to Homepage. Below there you will find the very lenient rules, and the use of my clipart is free.

Clip Art Lighthouse


gray black white lighthouse clipart lighthouse outline
red white lighthouse drawing with light lighthouse on a rock
lighthouse picture clipart

lighthouse house clip art

Lighthouse Poetry and Sayings

Let no man imagine that he
has no influence. Whoever he
may be, and wherever he may
be placed, the man who thinks
becomes a light and a power.
- Henry George

You are my lighthouse in
the storm of life.

The Lighthouse Keeper
Tired of waiting
I can choose to sail my ship towards you
Defy all odds
No matter how stormy the seas would be
Or I can be patient
Just be a lighthouse keeper
Dutifully shining my light
For you who are out in the open sea
To me who is right here waiting
Faithfully waiting to see you
Standing at the end of the dock
At sunrise
One day
- Celeste Koh

I will love the light
for it shows me the way,
yet I will endure the darkness
because it shows me the stars.

Lighthouse drawing


Clip art lighthouse illustration PNG
clip art lighthouse illustration
red white lighthouse with waves

More Lighthouse Sayings and Poems

There are two ways of
spreading light:
to be the candle
or the mirror that
reflects it.
- Edith Wharton

Let your light shine
so that others can see
their way out of the dark.
- Timber Hawkeye

He said there was a lighthouse there
where, lonely in the sea,
men lived to guard that moving light,
and trim the lamp for me.
-M. Wilson

Let these eyes be a lighthouse.
Let these arms be a safe harbor.
Let this heart be a long awaited shore.
- Tiffany Aurora

Ever present light
cutting through the dark of night
to keep the ships safe

Watercolor lighthouse clipart


watercolor lighthouse painting watercolor lighthouse and whale
watercolor drawing lighthouse on hill

Here is a link to a website with lots of public domain pictures, where I have found some of the pictures that I have based my own clipart on:

I have tried to make a lot of different lighthouse clipart, such as cut-out lighthouses, watercolor paintings of lighthouses, lighthouses at night, simple lighthouses (almost lighthouse symbols), and I hope you will be able to find the drawing or clipart you need.

As you might have noticed I have also added some lighthouse poetry, as well as sayings about lighthouses or light, to go with the clipart.

More Lighthouse clipart


lighthouse of stone clipart sea lighthouse
lighthouse scenery

With this lighthouse against the dark night, with the moon and stars, I will end this page with lighthouse clipart, together with this beautiful lighthouse poem:


stands idle
dreaming of the days
it was all-night wanderer
- Violet Nesdoly

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