Dance Coloring Pages

To find great dance coloring pages can be really difficult, but as I wanted to make a page with drawings of dancers to color to go with my page with dancer silhouettes, I decided to start with these beautiful drawings.

These drawings are made from some prints from early 20th century, which I have made into coloring pages.
The drawings are very different, most of them made in a kind of art deco style (which I find very charming and hope you do too´:-))

If you click the picture of the coloring page you will see the drawing in a new tab. This is the size you will get when you use the download button.
The size will be approx. fitting an A4 page, if you print in 200 dpi.

For your own personal use you can use as much of my clip art and drawings as you like, but if you want to use it for your website or other things like that, please go to Homepage to read about the rules for using my clipart.

Beautiful Coloring Pages with Drawings of Dancers



As you might already have noticed, and it will be even clearer below, a lot of these dancer coloring pages are not exactly realistic.

They do not present a picture of a ball-room dancer, or show people dancing foxtrot or waltz.

They are all more decorative than realistic, but in that way they are really, really great for coloring. You can use your imagination and creativity in full.

More Dance Coloring Pages



Below on this page you will find a picture link to the main page on my website for all the pages here with an overview of free coloring pages such as pirate coloring pages, Christmas coloring pages, princess coloring pages etc.

As I mentioned above, these coloring pages are made from some older prints, which I found on, where you will be able to see them in color.

More Free Dancer Coloring Sheets



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Free Coloring Pages: The main page here on for all the coloring pages, with an overview. Dancer Silhouettes: Mostly black silhouettes of dancers, a few black and white.
Flower Coloring Pages: Lots of beautiful drawings of flowers, ready for you to print and color. Victorian Coloring Pages: If you like Victorian motives, this is where you will find charming old drawings to color.


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