Art Deco Images

I find Art Deco images charming, and as the name Art Deco is short for Art Décoratifs, they are also extremely decorative.

Below on this page you will find a lot of postcards made from drawings for the early Art Deco period. Actually some of them could as well be named Art Nouveau postcards, as these two periods tend to overlap.

You can read more about this fascinating period on

I really love the Art Nouveau period with all it's curved lines with flowers and plants, and when I was younger I didn't like the Art Deco decorations that much. But I find that I tend to like the Art Deco style more and more, especially as it goes so well with the modern simplistic style in home decor. And have a look at this picture, this elevator door is old and worn, but isn't it just amazing??
It is the elevator door in a Art Deco building on Cuba, and you don't get it more Art Deco than this!

Art Deco Clipart


Art Deco started and had its peak in the period from 1920 to 1939, but has emerged as modern again several times, and today fits the modern decor and simple decoration again.

The style is simple, functional and luxurious. Art Deco uses very much geometrical figures such as circles, half circles, rectangles etc.

All the next Art Deco clipart are made from Art Deco posters created by E. A. Séguy in a book called

Editions d'Art Charles Moreau, Paris

These clipart are beautiful and original, and combines elements from Art Nouveau with the more geometrical elements in Art Deco.

Poster with flowers and lines
art deco clipart prismes 
Geometrical drawing Art Deco 
Rainbows and clouds in Art Deco 
red art deco pattern 

Art Deco Postcards



All these drawings of women are very typical for the Art Deco period, where they are drawn tall and very slender, more like decorations then actual females.

All these Art Deco postcards are made from old drawings from the early Art Deco period, where the influence from Art Nouveau is still clear, and the colors are still bright.

These postcards you can print in 200 dpi, the size will then be approx. 13 x 9 cm (5,2 x 4 inches).

If you should need one of them in an even higher dpi or size please contact me.

About the rules for using my material like these Art Deco pictures that I have restored and recovered, please go to Homepage to read about it.

More Art Deco Art Nouveau Postcards

Female hunter with two birds art deco  Art deco image woman with bow and arrows 


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