Sea Turtle Pictures

loggerhead sea turtles border

You can use this page with sea turtle pictures (the latin name for the superfamily sea turtles is Chelonioidea) to find some beautiful photos of different types of sea turtles.

You will find pictures of loggerhead sea turtles, green sea turtles, baby sea turtles, pictures of how volunteers try to relocate eggs of the endangered sea turtles and more.

Here on Clipartqueen you can also find a page about turtle facts, pet turtles and sea turtle facts, so it should be possible to find all you need for school projects here, or maybe you just want to know some more about turtles.
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The sea turtle family (Family Cheloniidae):

Green sea turtle
Hawksbill sea turtle
Flatback sea turtle
Loggerhead sea turtle
Kemp's ridley sea turtle
Olive ridley sea turtle

Family Dermochelyidae

Leatherback sea turtle

Loggerhead Sea Turtles:


sea turtle pictures loggerhead female ocean loggerhead female on beach at night
Female loggerhead heading towards ocean Loggerhead female on beach at night
loggerhead eggs dead loggerhead baby heading towards the ocean
Baby loggerhead heading towards ocean
hand holding hatchling  loggerhead sea turtle loggerhead baby near the ocean
Hand holding loggerhead turtle hatchling
nest with loggerhead eggs at beach loggerhead female building nest at night
hatchlings of loggerhead sea turtle on beach female loggerhead after making the nest
Loggerhead heading towards the ocean
nest with eggs loggerhead turtle baby loggerhead hatchling hand


More sea turtle pictures:

Green sea turtle


green sea turtle swimming green sea turtle nesting
big green sea turtle and volunteer green sea turtle on sand
swimming green turtle ocean green sea turtle swimming ocean
sea turtle green swimming blue water  
Beautiful green sea turtle in blue water  

Sea Turtle Pictures:


Swimming sea turtle sea turtle near coral and sand
Leatherback turtle close up Leatherback turtle on the beach
Big leatherback turtle on beach

Endangered Sea Turtles:

Most of the sea turtle species are listed as vulnerable, threatened or endangered.

To help volunteers and conservationists collect the sea turtle eggs from threatened beaches and relocate them to safer beaches, fenced nurseries or protecting turtle farms.

Also a Turtle Excluder Device on shrimp nets can reduce the sea turtle by-catch.

relocation of sea turtle eggs sea turtle eggs relocated
sea turtle crawl for nesting Sea turtle hatchery


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