Owl Pictures - Owl Clip Art

Owl Pictures - Owl Clip Art is a page, that is a little different from most of the other pages on this site.

Almost all the other pages on this site are build of my own original material, and mostly they are pages with my drawings of animals, birthday cakes and things like that. It can also be clip art made from my own photos or made from photos that are public domain.

But for some topics, like pictures of owls, there are so many good public domain clip art. And I have decided, that apart from making a page with  my own material, I will also present a page with a collection of owl clip art, that I have found on the internet.

Of course you can find them yourself on the internet, and maybe even more. But as I myself often am looking for something special, and can use hours searching the internet, I thought is would be a good idea to make it easier for you by making this collection.

So this page will consist of pictures of owls, that are public domain,  which means that you can use it for free, and you can use it as much as you like.

For my own owl clip art, which you can find on the page Owl Clip Art - Pictures of Owls, you will have to go to Homepage to read  about the rules for using it. Actually the rules are quite simple and understandable (I think).

You will also soon be able to find a page where you can read about the owl, Owl Facts, with great and interesting facts about the owl. Also some funny and amazing owl facts. Together with these owl pictures it can help you make a great school project.

Pictures of Owls:


Snowy owl Owl facts Owl clip art
owl pictures snowy owl Owl pictures owl eating owl drawings great horned owl
Photo of Snowy owl Owl eating Great horned owl
Cartoon owl  Owl drawings Owl drawings
Owl clip art pastel colored owl owl drawings flying owl Owl pictures drawings
Pastel owl  PNG Flying owl transparent Flying owl drawing 
Owl clip art  Owl drawings Owl clip art
Owl clip art guatemalan screech owl owl clip art face of owl moluccan hawk owl timor boobook owl
Guatemalan screech owl  PNG Head of owl transp. Moluccan hawk owl and timor boobook owl 
Owl drawings  Owl pictures Owl drawings
owl pictures barn owl swooping drawing barn owl and ashy faces owl clip art owl drawings owl on book
Barn owl swooping Barn owl and ashy faces owl PNG owl sitting on book
Cartoon owls  Owl clip art  Cartoon owls
cartoon owls starnge owl  owl pictures eurasian scops owl oriental scops owl  Black white owl on books clip art 
PNG drawing of owl  Eurasian scops owl and oriental scops owl  PNG Owl on books 
Owl clip art  Owl clip art Owl clip art
owl pictures pygmy owl  owl pictures orange eyes 
Pygmy owl  Owl statue acropolis  Owl orange eyed

More Pictures of Owls:


Owl clip art Pictures of owls Owl clip art
northern saw whet owl horned owl flying owl pictures
Short eared owl Horned owl Flying owl
Owl clip art Pictures of owls Owl clip art
spotted eagle owl short eared owl picture picture of screech owl
Spotted eagle owl Short eared owl Screech owl
Pictures of owls Owl clip art Owl clip art
domesticated owl bubo bubo Bengal eagle owl domesticated skeleton owl head
Domesticated owl Bengal eagle owl Owl head, skeleton
Owl clip art Pictures of owls Owl clip art
Bengalese eagle owl photo face spotted eagle owl burrowing owl
Bengalese eagle owl Spotted eagle owl Burrowing owl

Owls are beautiful and majestic creatures, and you will find that owl pictures do the subject of the magnificent bird justice. Owls come in a few simple colors, though the coloring of the owl is different depending on what type of owl it is. Most owls will be brown, white, black, or gray, but there are some owls that have a tint of yellow or red in their feathers. These colorful owls make great decorations for a nature-themed party, and you can have fun with these colorful owls when setting up your party.

There are many funny pictures of owls, particularly pictures that emphasize the giant eyes of an owl. You will find that there are many funny ways that you can entertain your children with owl pictures and owl drawings. For example, you can have fun making the eyes of the owl even larger, thus making the owl look even more comical than it already does. Here are some great pictures of owls with giant eyes, pictures that will make your kids laugh when they see just how large the eyes are.

Owl Clip Art and Owl Pictures:


Pictures of owls Owl clip art Owl clip art
Owl pictures ural owl owl clip art wooden owl owl pictures wooden owls
Ural owl Wooden owl Wooden owls
Owl clip art Cartoon owls Owl clip art
wooden owl in nature clip art cartoon owls owl pictures drawing two owls
Wooden owl in natur Owl drawing PNG Drawing two owls
Pictures of owls Owl drawings Owl drawings
oil pain woman owl owl drawings sketch stylized owl drawings
Woman and owl Drawing of owl PNG Stylized owl drawing


   One thing that makes owls so comical is how they always appear to be scowling. The large eyes and stern-looking eyebrows of the owl makes for great owl drawings of 'angry' owls who appear grumpy. If you are making a card apologizing for being grumpy with your family or a friend, there is no better way to be ironic than by making a card or note with a picture of a grumpy owl on it. Apologizing is made easier when you can get a laugh from a friend, and there is nothing that will make your friends laugh more than the picture of a grumpy owl.

Even more Owl Pictures and Owl Clip Art:


Owl pictures Owl clip art Owl drawings
photo of spotted eagle owl photo of snowy owl drawing of great horned owl
Spotted eagle owl Snowy owl Drawing great horned owl
Owl clip art Owl drawings Owl drawings
bubo Nipalensis owl with prey bubo Shelley
Bubo Nipalensis Owl with prey Bubo Shelley
Pictures of owls Owl clip art Owl clip art
Northerne sawwhet owl small owl face great horned owl
Northern Sawwhet owl face Small owl Horned owl

You might have noticed, that under some of the pictures of owls I have written PNG. While most of the owl pictures are saved in JPEG-format, these are saved in the format PNG, and so the black and white ones actually have a transparent background. In that way you can use them on top of a colored background. You can se the same picture on 3 different colored backgrounds below:

           owl clip art green background drawing                            pictures of owls white background drawing                               owl pictures yellow background drawing


Nature is beautiful, and you will find that pictures of owls in their natural habitat will be a great addition to your child's picture collection. As you make your child's picture book, you may find that the pictures you can find in magazines are not enough to make a good collection of owl pictures. Here you can find a number of pictures of live owls, including a cute picture of a tiny pygmy owl. You can use the picture of the orange eyed owl for Halloween decorations as well. The many owl pictures featuring live owls captured in their natural habitats can give your child an appreciation for wildlife.

There are many cute statues of owls throughout the world, though some of them tend to be spooky as well. Here you can find many pictures of owls in statue form, and these owl pictures and owl clip art will make it easy for your child to complete their picture book. You can find some great owl pictures of statues here, statues where the sculptor has captured the stern look of the owl frowning disapprovingly at the crowd passing below its perch.

If you are going to be doing some fun arts and crafts with your kids, why not use some of the owl pictures here for some activities? For example, you can make owl puppets using the owl clip art and a toilet paper roll. There are so many activities that you can do with the pictures of owls on the page, and you will find that your kids can have a lot of fun doing arts and crafts with the owl pictures and owl clip art.

And again, more Owl Pictures:

Here are some more public domain owl clip art. All these pictures of owls, the owl clip art above, and the owl clip art on the page Owl Clip Art, can be used in so many different ways.

They will be great to use for school projects, and as a kind of follow up on that, I have also made a great page about the owl, Owl Facts.

The owl clip art can be used on mails, invitations, letters, scrapbooks, place cards, gift cards, and, well, right now I can't think of more. But I am sure there will be a lot more things, where you can use these pictures of owls.

Pictures of owl  Owl drawing Owl drawing
owl pictures burrowing owl in tree 
Burrowing owl Celtic owl drawing  Owl painting
Owl clip art  Owl drawing  Owl clip art
owl pictures painting  owl pictures owl in tree black drawing  owl pictures owl mask 
Painting of owl  Owl drawing  Owl mask
Owl clip art Owl drawings Owl pictures
owl clip art drawing of owl in tree  owl drawings black white  owl pictures statue of owls
Owl in tree drawing  Black white owl in tree Owl statue
Owl clip art Pictures of owls Pictures of owls
Face of owl buho blanco face barred owl face
Face of owl Buho blanco Barred owl

If you are trying to improve your ability at sketching, there are some great black and white pencil drawings of owls that you can work with. Owls are actually quite easy to sketch, as they have a rounded head, large eyes, stern eyebrows, and a fluffy body. Of all the animals, the owl is one of the easiest to sketch due to its simple proportions. Working with the black and white owl pictures here to help you improve your sketching can be a lot of fun, and you can enjoy altering the owls into caricatures or owl cartoons as desired.

All in all, owls can be a lot of fun, and there are many things that you can do with the owl pictures on this site.

Before you go, here are some fun facts about owls:


  • Owls can rotate their heads up to 270 degrees in order to see well.
  • The owl's ears are not aligned like human ears, but are in fact asymmetrical to help them hear better.
  • Owls in flight are nearly completely silent, meaning they are much better at surprising their prey than other birds.
  • Owls have three eyelids: one is used to sleep, one is used to blink, and the other is used to clean the owl's eye.
  • Barn owls can eat as many as 1,000 mice in a year.
  • Owls cannot move their eyes at all, as they are fixed in their sockets.

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