Photo-cuts: Animal Clip Art

Take a look and find the animal clip art you are looking for amongst all these genuine animal graphics.

You will see photo-cuts of lions, ostriches, flies, tigers, butterflies, toads and a whole lot of other animals.

All of the pictures are made in gif-format or PNG, which means that they come with a transparent background and you can, after saving them, use them on top of text or on top of other pictures.

See the example above to the right, with the beautiful clip art of a flying pink bird, placed on a black background.

These animal graphics are great for art projects, custom letters and postcards, scrapbooking, websites, cards, place cards and other projects.

Animal clip art picture

Most of the pictures saved in PNG (I will write it above or below the picture) are a lot bigger than you see them here. Right click the picture, and see the original picture in another window.

They are all original, made from photos of animals, that I have taken myself (which is the main part) or, few of them, made from photos, that are free to use (public domain).

If you like animal clip art, you can also go to this page where you will find a lot of animal silhouettes.

You can use all my clipart for free, as long as you are using it for your own private purpose.
Apart from that, if you want to download and use it for websites and commercial purposes, there are only two limitations on your use of this original clip art.:
You may not overuse it, i.e. if you want to use more than 5 pieces of my clipart in one project or webpage, please contact me. And there is no using these clip arts for negative purposes. 

That's it for limitations! Not so bad, is it?  

Animal Clip Art:

Fox clip art PNG Hedgehog clip art PNG Badger clip art PNG
animal-clip-art-fox  hedgehog clip art badger clip art
Lama clipart PNG Arabian Horse PNG Blue frog PNG
clip art young lama arabian horse dark chestnut picture of blue frog
Lion clip art PNG Cow graphics Pidgeon clip art PNG
head of male lion animal-clip-art-cow-black-and-white pigeon clipart
Clip art goose PNG Elephant clipart PNG Flying pink bird PNG
goose clipart Elephant clip art flying pink bird
Animal clipart Butterfly image PNG Animal graphics PNG
animal-clip-art-cow-black-white-looking orange butterfly spider clip art
Cow, black and white front Butterfly, orange Spider, brown
Animal clipart Animal graphics PNG Animal sketches PNG
animal-clip-art-sheep-head hairy spider  cats head  
Sheep head Hairy spider Cats head
Peacock clipart PNG Goat PNG Kangaroo clipart PNG
peacock graphics small-goat-clipart kangaroo clip art
Ostrich clip art Ostrich clip art PNG Bull clip art PNG
animal-clipart-ostrich-sideways ostrich clipart bull standing
Ostrich, sideway view Ostrich Bull, black and white
Circus horse PNG Monkey asking for money PNG Circus horse PNG
Circus horse clip art Circus monkey asking for money Circus horse performing
Animal clip art PNG Raccoon clip art PNG Sketches of animals
bull graphic raccoon clip art animal-clip-art-zebra
Bull, black and white Raccoon Zebra
Rhinoceros clipart PNG Animal graphics PNG Animal clip art PNG
rhinoceros clipart close up of hedgehog penguin clip art
Rhinoceros Hedgehog  Penguin 
Animal graphic PNG Shrimp picture PNG Fly clip art PNG
pony shrimp graphics clip art of fly
Pony, black white  Shrimp  Fly 
Bird clip art PNG Animal clipart  Giraffe clipart PNG
rooster clipart giraffe-animal-clipart  giraffe walking
Rooster Giraffe  Giraffe, sideways view
Horse PNG Grey horse PNG Head of Horse PNG
horse transparent background head of horse
Giraffe clip art PNG Dog clipart PNG Antelope clip art PNG
giraffe eating leaves graphics golden retriever clipart antelope clip art
Giraffe eating  Golden retriever Antelope
Horse clipart PNG Deer clipart PNG Animal graphics PNG
clipart of small white horse deer clip art cat clip art
Horse  Deer  Cat clip art
Cow clipart PNG Clipart cow PNG Clip art PNG
animal clip art cow head black-cows-head sea gull clipart
Cow head, black white  Cow head, front view Seagull
Rhinoceros clipart  Lamb clipart PNG Animal clipart PNG
rhinoceros-left  animal clipart lamb head of lama
Rhinoceros  Lamb  Lama head 
Lion clipart PNG Lion clipart PNG Animal graphics PNG
male lion clipart clipart of female lion head clip art of rhinoceros resting
Male lion  Female lion  Rhinoceros, brown 
Animal clip art Bear clip art PNG Animal drawings PNG
animal-clip-art-sheep-gras brown bear clipart bison clip art
Sheep Bear Bison
Animal sketches Clip art PNG Animal sketches PNG
bull-black-animal-clip-art orange butterfly on flower blue butterfly clipart
Black bull Orange butterfly Blue butterfly
Animal clip art Monkey clip art PNG Animal graphics PNG
camel-animal-clipart chinchilla clipart
Camel Chimpanzee Chinchilla
Clip art animals PNG Cow clip art PNG Fish clipart PNG
clip art of brown cow brown cow eating grass lionfish clipart
Cow, brown Brown cow, sideway view Dragon fish
Animal clip art PNG Clip art elephant PNG Elephant clipart PNG
cute squirrel clip art elephant photo-cut sideways
Squirrel Elephant Elephant from Thailand
Animal clipart PNG Animal graphics PNG Animal sketches
bull dog clipart animal clip art of baby elephant fly-sideways
Bull dog Elephant, young Fly, sideway view
Animal clip art Hippopotamus PNG Animal graphics PNG
animal-clip-art-frog hippopotamus clip art Side view of big hippopotamus
Frog, spotted green Hippo clip art Hippopotamus

Using Animal Clipart in Website Advertising

The most effective advertising method to use in today's e-commerce world is website advertising.

A business's website may literally make or break a company simply because more and more people are turning to the Internet when needing a product or service rather than reading newspapers or telephone books.

A professionally, dazzling and informative website integrating clear page layouts, relevant graphics and easy-to-read text is one of the most effective marketing tools available for any business. Incorporating captivating animal photos or expressive animal clipart with clean, powerful text regarding your business and its services will interest potential customers enough to keep them reading your website.

Many business owners do not have the time or inclination to learn how to create impeccable websites. Instead, they invest in hiring website designers who know how to build websites using programming languages such as HTML. These developers will also implement any ideas you may have regarding how you want your website to look. If you have found some pictures of animals, save them to your computer and send them to your website builder, who can put them on your website in a meaningful and attractive manner.

More animal clip art:

Hippopotamus PNG Hippo clipart PNG Animal graphics PNG
mother hippo and baby hippo hippopotamus clipart looking at you zebra clip art
Mother hippo and baby Hippo looking at you Zebra
Zebra clipart PNG Hare clip art PNG Wild boar PNG
side view zebra hare clip art Wild boar clip art
Zebra grazzing Hare resting Wild boar clipart
Squirrel clipart PNG Scared cat PNG Ram clipart PNG
cute squirrel clipart Angry or scared cat ram newly cut
Cute squirrel Red cat Ram newly cut
Toad clip art PNG Tiger clip art PNG Head of Tiger PNG
Toad clip art tiger standing tiger head
Mouse PNG Kitten PNG Pony PNG
mouse clip art kitten



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