Victorian Printable Coloring Pictures

These printable coloring pictures from the Victorian Era are typical for the period and quite sweet!

All these coloring images with motives from the 19th century are made from old drawings in Victorian books.

I have restored them, some of them have flowers or other kinds of ornaments added to the picture, and they all give a real good idea of this special period.

When you find one of these old coloring pages you like, right click the picture and choose to see the page in a new tab.
If that is one you want, print it with 200 dpi, then all these old coloring pages should fit an A4 page in the printer.

I find these fun coloring pages so charming, and I hope you will have a lot of fun coloring them, whether you will paint them with water color or other kinds of color.

About using my material, please go to Homepage.
All my clip art and drawings are free for you to use for your own personal use, otherwise there are a few rules.

Printable Coloring Pictures from the Victorian Era:

These first coloring images have motives of children playing.

They are very charming, and I think they can be a valuable element in teaching about the old days, what kind of toys they had in the 19th century.

      Victorian printable coloring pictures children

Aren't they just adorable these two little girls with their Victorian clothing, their large hats, playing with their doll tea set.

           Victorian girls playing with tea party toys

          old coloring page with Victorian children playing outdoor'

Two little kids from the 19th century. I think this could be one of the coloring pages kids would love, in combination with historical education. Maybe their grand-grand-grand-grand father could have played with his sister on a wooden horse like this?

                  two Victorian children playing on wooden horse

One of these free coloring pictures with Victorian motives with kids and ornaments.

       old coloring page Victorian motiveTwo kid coloring pages with floral frames and a boy and a girl in the frame.

Vintage printable coloring pictures flowers boy bird  kid coloring page Victorian motive

If you want to tell young children of today about how children lived in the Victorian Era, these printable coloring pictures will be a great and funny help

They show how these children washed without help from tap water, but using water in a washstand, and they show little girls with these huge hats, and a fan.

           two coloring pictures 19th century children

                    coloring images with Victorian children

                    free coloring pictures with Victorian kids


This was the end of these wonderful and charming Victorian coloring pages with children.

Free Coloring Pictures from the Victorian Era

You can use a lot of the Victorian clip art you find on other pages here on as coloring pictures, if you use watercolor.

The next pictures here are a bit unusual, all drawings from the old books.

Here comes different coloring images, all with drawings and motives from the 19th century.

             fisherman coloring page

Above a coloring page with a fisherman with his meershaum pipe.

Nest a coloring page with a drawing of an artist, dated 1897

              easy coloring page of an artist 1897

Can't you just image how nice it will be to color this drawing? It is made by J. J. Gould, Jr, but looks as if it could have been by Toulouse Lautrec

                Cancan dacers coloring page

And now to a more traditional Victorian coloring picture, a Victorian dress

               Victorian printable coloring picture dress


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