Star Clipart

148 free star clipart, different forms, different colors, and even some cartoon stars :-)
All these stars are saved in PNG-format, which means the have transparent background, not the white you see here.

This make it possible for you to place any of these stars on a colored background, and on a picture.

All these stars are not public domain or copyright free, but very close:

1. You can use these clipart stars for free, as many as you like and for whatever you like, as long as it is for your own personal use.

2. You can use these star drawings for your website, for logos, books - the only exception is if you want to use it for a clip art site.

3. If you want to use my clipart for a clip art site, you can use up to 5 clip art.


For saving and printing these stars:

- Rights click the picture you like, and open it up in a new tab.
- Right click that star, and choose to save it on your computer.

Free Star Clipart:

Simple 5-pointed Stars:

First a simple 5-pointed star, a template and yellow.

simple star clipart template yellow star clipartfree star clipart yellow orange

The same star in different colors:

simple star red color

Faceted Stars in Different Colors:

black star clipart8-pointed star orangefaceted red 8-pointed staryellow faceted star clipartblue clipart starspink star clipart faceted starlight blue faceted stargreen starlila faceted 8-pointed star clip art


Cartoon Stars with Arms and Legs:

cartoon star with legs and armsred cartoon star clipartcartoon star clipart orange

star clip art light bluepurple funny star clipartlight green funny clip art of starpurple star cartoon clip artpink cartoon star clipartred orange star cartoon clipartlight yellow funny cartoon star clip art

Funny and Cute Cartoon Stars:

Yellow cartoon star drawingneon green cartoon star cutefree star clipart green cartoonlight blue star cartoon stylecartoon star bluepink cartoon star clip artred star cartoonturquoise cartoon starlight yellow star clipart cartoon

Flying Cartoon Star Clipart:

Flying yellow cartoon star drawingCartoon star flying greenpink flying star drawingorange flying star drawinglight blue cartoon star flyingred cute star

Flying Cartoon Stars with Comet Tail of Stars

cute cometlight blue star flying with smaller starspurple cometpink comet clipartcomet clipart orange star with smaller starsgreen flying cute starLight blue comet flyingLight green comet

Clipart of Swirling Stars:

red swirl star clipart black and yellow swirling star clipartblue star swirl drawingYellow and orange star swirl

Stars with Star Pattern

Star pattern drawinggrey star pattern clipartpattern with clipart starssoft yellow pattern of starspink clipart with star patterngreen pattern clipart of starsstar clipartlight blue star patternpattern with stars within starspurple star patternstar clip art orange star patternlight red star

Framed Star Drawings:

framed blue star clipartdark blue framed stargreen framed star clipartclipart stars orangeyellow framed star drawingpink framed star drawingred star image

Clipart Stars and Rays:

image of star with raysblue star with raysblue purple star imageorange star imagegreen blue star graphicstar clipart with raysstar sun

Stars inside Stars

yellow star imageturquoise star graphicblue starred star imagegreen star image framedpink star graphiclight pink star clip artorange star image

One Simple Pointed Star Clipart and Stars with Rays

clipart stars on starsYellow star on red starsyellow star on orange stars imageyellow star clipart

Rounded Stars

rounded yellow stargreen star image with rounded pointslight blue clipart stars with rounded pointsred starimage of lila star with rounded pointslight blue star drawingorange star drawingturquoise star

Star Icons

yellow star icongreen star iconblue star iconpurple star iconpink star iconred star iconorange star icon grey  black star icon

Double Faceted Free Star Clip Art

Double faceted red starstar clipart orange faceted starblue star clipartfree star clipart pink starYellow double faceted stargreen facted star

Radial 8-pointed Stars

orange radial star clipart     radial star clipartred radial star 8-pointed       green blue radial starbluish star image       star graphicpink pointed starmulticolored star clipartstar imageyellow 8-pointed star clipart

√Čtoile (in French):

etoile yellow etoile bleu etoile pink


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