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Welcome to this page with St Patricks Day Clipart. Here you will find funny St Patricks Day Clip art, St Patricks Day images with leprechauns  and St Patricks Day Shamrocks.

St Patricks Day is celebrated in many places all over the world. In Ireland, of course, but also in many other countries.

St Patricks Day is originally a religious holiday on the 17th of March. It is named after Saint Patrick (387–461), the most commonly recognized of the patron saints  of Ireland.  It began as a purely Catholic  holiday, but has gradually become more of a secular celebration of Irish culture.

So here I present to you some St Patricks Day images, that you might use on letters, mails, scrapbooks, invitations and a lot more.

About the rules for using my material, please go to Homepage. The rules are very few and only common sense.

Below you will find a lot of clip art for St. Patrick's Day. You can use them on invitations, greeting, place cards, all kinds of crafts for that Holiday.

I have also made a greeting card for St. Patrick's Day, you can find that on my blog.
And here you will get some more sweet leprechauns with shamrocks and gold, both saved in PNG, to use on top of other pictures or backgrounds, if you like.

Soon I hope to find the time to also make them into postcards, and you will also find them below on this page as free coloring page:

     cute leprechaun for st. patrick's day              Old happy leprechaun

Funny St. Patricks Day Funny St. Patricks Day
sketch of young leprechaun with shamrock Young leprechaun with shamrock
Leprechaun with shamrock sketch JPEG Leprechaun with shamrock JPEG
St. Patricks Day art St. Patricks Day images
Leprechaun dansing st. patricks day Leprechaun st. patricks Day with shamrock
Dancing Leprechaun JPEG Leprechaun with beard and shamrock
Funny St. Patricks Day Leprechaun with shamrock
St. Patricks Day dansing leprechaun sketch of leprechaun shamrock
Dansing Leprechaun sketch JPEG Leprechaun picking shamrock JPEG
St. Patricks Day art St. Patricks Day art
dansing leprechaun in green cirkle leprechaun with gold in a pot
Dansing Leprechaun in green cirkle JPEG Leprechaun with gold in a pot JPEG
Funny St Patricks Day Funny drinking leprechaun
funny st patricks day  pot with gold funny st patricks day clipart
Pot with gold JPEG Leprechaun with beer JPEG
Funny St Patricks Day Funny St Patricks Day
Sketch leprechaun with beer leprechaun in pot with gold sketch
Sketch leprechaun with beer JPEG Leprechaun in pot sketch JPEG
Funny St Patricks Day Shamrocks
funny st patricks day clipart shamrock st patricks day clipart
Leprechaun in pot with gold JPEG St Patricks Day Shamrock
Funny St Patricks Day St Patricks Day Clipart
st patricks day shamrock gold st patricks day clipart rainbow gold
Leprechaun with shamrock and gold Rainbow and gold and shamrock

I think you will enjoy these two coloring pages for St. Patrick's Day:

                   coloring page with leprechaun for st. Patrick's day

They should both, printed in 200 dbi, fit a normal A4-paper. And remember, you don't have to paint them in the colors I have used. Actually the leprechauns were mostly wearing red coats in the good old days, so I think you can use what ever colors you might like.

St. Patrick's Day leprechaun

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Here is a funny photo from Chicago, where the river is dyed green every year on St. Patrick's Day.

     Chicago river dyed green on St. Patrick's day

Read more about this Feast of St. Patrick (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig,) on's_Day

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