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Clip Art of Victorian Clothing

Clip art of women's, men's and children's Victorian clothing throughout the 19th century

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Drawings of Faces

Hi, my name is Nanna. I am so happy to have the chance to show some of my best sketches here. Some years ago I made these two drawings. The first one is

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Dog sketches - Pencil drawings of dogs

Dog sketches, pencil drawings of dogs, free sketches of dogs, pencil drawings in black and white

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Flower Sketches

Flower sketches of lots of different flowers, from tulips to an olive branch.

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Victorian Ladies Dress Hats Clip Art

Clip art of Victorian ladies dress hats from bonnets to the new hat fashion after World War 1.

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Victorian Silhouette Clipart

Lots of free Victorian silhouettes, profile silhouettes, silhouettes of men and women from Victorian Era

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Victorian Ornaments and Borders

Victorian ornaments and borders, with lots of design elelements for making your own Victorian decor.

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Classic Car Pictures

Beautiful and special classic car pictures, cut outs from photos from a classic car show.

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Victorian Frames

Beautiful Victorian frames, to use for Victorian scrapbook images and for framing messages or pictures.

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Free Printable Borders for Easter

Choose among free printable borders with Easter eggs, Easter chicks, Easter bunnies and Easter hen.

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Art Nouveau Picture Gallery

A variety of Art Nouveau pictures; black and white prints, Vignets and Art Nouveau Flowers.

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Victorian Clipart

Victorian clipart like Art Nouveau silhouettes and older free Victorian graphics of trains, animals and signs.

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Page Dividers plus Black and White Borders and Frames

New and vintage page dividers and lots of beautiful borders and frames.

Continue reading "Page Dividers plus Black and White Borders and Frames"

Butterfly Border Clipart

Border pictures with beautiful butterflies in every possible color

Continue reading "Butterfly Border Clipart"

Printable Borders and Image Frames

Here is the free borders and image frames you have been looking for!

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Flower borders and frames

Beautiful clipart borders with flowers, and flower frames

Continue reading "Flower borders and frames"

Your Own Drawings

Here you can see your own drawings and sketches.

Continue reading "Your Own Drawings"

Cool Skull Clip Art (and Funny!)

Lots of skull images, head skulls, animal skulls, skulls with eyes, hoods and crowns.

Continue reading "Cool Skull Clip Art (and Funny!)"

Pirate Clip Art

Free pirate clip art for a pirate party decorations, pirate invitations and any other pirate thing.

Continue reading "Pirate Clip Art"

Elephant Clip Art

Cute elephants, elephant silhouettes, cartoon elephants and elephant jokes.

Continue reading "Elephant Clip Art"

Cute Teddy Bear Clipart

Cute teddy bears, lots of cut-outs of teddy bears and teddy bear drawings.

Continue reading "Cute Teddy Bear Clipart"

Mouse Clip Art

Mouse Clip art and mouse drawings, funny and cute mice and answers to the question: Are elephants afraid of mice?

Continue reading "Mouse Clip Art"

10 Free Father's Day Greeting Cards

10 original and new greeting cards for Father's Day to print and send.

Continue reading "10 Free Father's Day Greeting Cards"

11 Free Funny Easter Greeting Cards

Choose amongst these 11 free funny greeting cards with Easter motives.

Continue reading "11 Free Funny Easter Greeting Cards"

Spring Clipart - Spring Flower Pictures  & Spring Flower Clipart

Spring flower clipart with flowers like snowdropsand crocus and spring pictures with butterflies and sun and rain.

Continue reading "Spring Clipart - Spring Flower Pictures  & Spring Flower Clipart"

11 Valentine's Day coloring pages

11 funny and cute printable Valentine coloring pages with hearts, kittens, bunnies and even a T rex.

Continue reading "11 Valentine's Day coloring pages"

Butterfly Clipart

Cartoon butterflies and beautiful drawings of butterflies, free and easy to use for all kinds of crafts and pictures.

Continue reading "Butterfly Clipart"

Butterfly Coloring Pages

Free coloring pages with butterflies to color in beautiful colors.

Continue reading "Butterfly Coloring Pages"

Cat Coloring Pages

Free cat coloring pages is a page with cat drawings as print out coloring pages, free to use for birthdays or just a good time with friends and kids.

Continue reading "Cat Coloring Pages"

Winter Clipart

Find the winter clipart you need among these pictures of snow flakes and icicles, and enjoy the winter poems.

Continue reading "Winter Clipart"

How to Draw a Dog

If you want to make a pencil drawing of a dog, this page helps you get a good result.

Continue reading "How to Draw a Dog"

How to Draw a Cat

Learn how to draw cats and kittens, as black and white cat drawings

Continue reading "How to Draw a Cat"

Halloween Sayings and Poems

Lots of Halloween poems and words for your Halloween postcard or party decorations.

Continue reading "Halloween Sayings and Poems"

Halloween Coloring Pages

This page gives you free and original cute and funny halloween printables

Continue reading "Halloween Coloring Pages"

Some Interesting Facts about Cats

The cats facts that follow will give you some interesting insights into the lives of felines – as well as giving you a few surprises.

Continue reading "Some Interesting Facts about Cats"

Space Clip Art

Photos and cut-outs from Outer Space. Astronauts and planets.

Continue reading "Space Clip Art"

Happy Thanksgiving Cards and Thanksgiving Poems

Genuine printable Thanksgiving greeting cards with lots of Thanksgiving humor, and Thanksgiving Poems.

Continue reading "Happy Thanksgiving Cards and Thanksgiving Poems"

Sweet Vintage Clip Art

Find the Vintage scrap and vintage drawing you need for your scrapbooking.

Continue reading "Sweet Vintage Clip Art"

Different Kinds of Sports Clipart

Sports clipart like tennis silhouettes, soccer clipart, golf silhouettes, gymnastics graphics, dance clipart and more.

Continue reading "Different Kinds of Sports Clipart"

Pictures of Flowers of Different Colors

Here you will find the most beautiful pictures of flowers of all kinds, divided up in different colors

Continue reading "Pictures of Flowers of Different Colors"

17 Free Mother's Day Cards and Ideas for Small Homemade Gifts.

This page provides you with the mother's day printable cards you need to show how much you appreciate your mother through the year.

Continue reading "17 Free Mother's Day Cards and Ideas for Small Homemade Gifts."

Birthday Traditions

A great page about birthday traditions, about the origin of birthdays, birthday background and quotes about birthdays.

Continue reading "Birthday Traditions"

Slumber Party Ideas

This page, Slumber Party Ideas, gives you great tips about slumber party games, food and tips about activities.

Continue reading "Slumber Party Ideas"

Spring Pictures - Spring Flowers Pictures

Spring pictures, flower bloom in spring, pictures of flowers and other typical signs of spring

Continue reading "Spring Pictures - Spring Flowers Pictures"

Pictures of Zoo Animals

A lot of great pictures of animals, on this page only zoo animals

Continue reading "Pictures of Zoo Animals"

Free Coloring Pages

On this page, Free Coloring Pages, you will find all kinds of coloring pages to print: Dinosaurs, cats, pirates, dogs and many more.

Continue reading "Free Coloring Pages"

Birthday Clip Art and Free Birthday graphics

All kinds of free birthday graphics, happy birthday graphics and clip art with Birthday cakes.

Continue reading "Birthday Clip Art and Free Birthday graphics"

St Patrick's Day Clipart

Clipart for St Patrick's Day, green leprechauns and shamrocks, free to use in invitaions and mails

Continue reading "St Patrick's Day Clipart"

Quotes about Life Lessons

I have collected a lot of the quotes about life that means a lot to me and made some of them into motivational pictures.

Continue reading "Quotes about Life Lessons"


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